10 Week Body Makeover: Week 4 Results

I really am beginning to be amazed at the results I’m seeing on this plan.

Keeping in mind the fact that I don’t have masses of fat that my body wants to shift, I could never have imagined I’d see such visible results over the first four weeks.

Although last week and this week haven’t been as dramatic as the first two weeks, they’ve still been excellent.

Various thoughts this week:

I only managed to get two videos done this week, but they’re both on the longer side. Hopefully they’re helpful to you:

Week 4 Results

Unlike last week where we did a full measurement, I just did waist circumference and weight measurements.

Here are the results:

Starting Measurements
Weight: 85.7 kg
Waist: 97cm
BMI: 28

Week 4 Measurements
Weight: 78.5 kg
Waist: 86cm
BMI: 25.5

4 Week Difference
Weight: -7.2 kg
Waist: -9.5
BMI: -3.5

Further points

To be honest, I’d love to see how this plan would work on someone who is a lot more overweight than I am. I have a feeling that they could see much more dramatic results than I’m seeing.

If you are someone who could be a candidate for giving this a go, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you and work with you.

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Comments 2

  1. Taleen

    I loved your videos from this week..they were humorous!

    Your results are quite mind-bogglingly amazing Armen. I agree, if you could do it with your limited body fat, what are the potential for some people. Wonderful!

    1. Post

      lol… I’m glad you liked them 😀

      Yeah. It’s hard to believe I was carrying over 7kgs on me four weeks ago that is now just GONE! If I had seven bags of sugar on me now I’d feel weighed down by it I’m sure.

      It would be great to see what would happen if someone heavier went on it, too.

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