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10 Easy Ways to Reduce Fruit and Veg Wastage

CoachMel Healthy Eating 4 Comments

What’s your normal routine when you get home from grocery shopping? Is it a mad dash to chuck everything away as quickly as possible? Yes – this is me too! Researchers at the University of Arizona spent a year tracking the food habits of families. The results reported in 2002, were pretty shocking. They found that families tossed out an …

7 Exercise Accessories for Gadget Luvin’ Geeks!

CoachMel Exercise 13 Comments

If trying to lose weight, or get in shape is proving difficult for you, have you checked out the host of unusual fitness gadgets out there? There’s a vast array of interesting accessories, promising to help spur us on to better health, and if gadgets really aren’t your thing, they do make perfect gifts for that ‘someone’ who has everything. …