How To Say NO To A Food Pusher!

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You know how it goes, your favorite aunt Bessy means well, she really does, but her food pushing does little for your healthy diet plan… “Just a little piece,” she’ll say, wafting her delicious, freshly baked brownies under your nose. “You can’t live on lettuce forever” — you’re feeling tempted — “How about a little of my apple pie?” she …

5 Lifestyle Changes to Increase Your Success

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So, you want to make progress with your health goals — but, how can you do that effectively? The main areas to think about are always going to be healthy eating and sticking with your workouts — these are extremely important. However, there are other important lifestyle changes which will help take your progress to a whole new level.

25 Fat Loss Tips To Get You In Top Shape

CoachMel Weight Loss Tips 66 Comments

If you’re like most people, after making the decision to get on with your weight loss, you’re antsy to see results. It’s totally natural to be excited about these new changes — you’re ready to move forward, full steam ahead, that’s a great sign. But, before you dive into your new program, consider the following tips. These are some of …

How to Cook Lentils

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Lentils are a favorite food in our house. Loved by all — baby, me and even hubby! Unfortunately, many people overlook them, perhaps due to an awful-tasting meal in the past, or simply because of their appearance. But, if you’re after cheap, healthy and delicious meal options, you really should give lentils a go. And after reading this, you’ll not be …