10 Week Body Makeover: Week 2 Results

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Would you believe another week has past, and I’ve now completed two weeks of my 10 week body makeover plan that I’m on. To refresh your memory, this is a nutrition and exercise plan that Melanie and I put together to help me get into the shape I’m supposed to be at twenty-eight years of age! The nutrition plan has …

10 Week Body Makeover: Week 1 Results

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Most of us know that weight loss is simply a matter of consistent calorie deficit, i.e. you burn more calories than you consume. It’s simple science. However, maintaining a calorie deficit while carrying out your daily life is often the real challenge. No one can function right if they have perpetual hunger pangs!

Working Out Using a Baby Carrier

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I have to say one of the best things I purchased when I became a new mum was a baby carrier. I actually used two, one was a simple sling type, and the other the fabo Kari Me baby carrier. I used my baby carrier quite a bit when Elissa was younger. She loved being carried around in it, and seemed so …

10 Week Body Makeover: The Starting Point

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Okay, as much as I hate doing this, as part of my accountability to you, I’m going to upload videos of my progress. I say ‘hate’ because of the fear of coming across like some vain, self-absorbed idiot. But, I feel it’s the best way to be accountable, note progress (or lack of it) and be helpful to you if …

How An 82 Year Old Helped Motivate Me To Get In Shape

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I’m sure they exist, but there’s just something wrong with an overweight dietitian, isn’t there? It’s sort of like finding out your doctor smokes cigarettes, but more difficult to hide. But, what if the dietitian’s husband is a bit flabby and out of shape? Being married to a dietitian is something I consider a genuine blessing. Apart from her many …