The Negative Calorie Food Myth Busted!

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This dieting concept sounds so good you really do want to believe it’s true. That is, the idea of negative calorie foods… Basically, some foods require more energy to digest than the calories contained within the food, and so eating them will help you lose weight. Citrus fruits and celery have both basked in this flattering light down through the years. But, …

Could This Mediterranean Staple Make You Live Longer?

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If you go into any supermarket or deli you’ll find a massive selection of olives to choose from. Whether it’s oil-cured, water-cured, brine-cured, lye-cured, pitted, unpitted, stuffed or unstuffed, black or green, manzanilla, kalamata, nicoise, liguria, lugano, or sevillano. Whew… how could you EVER choose? And, are they all the same nutritionally speaking?


The Total Truth About Carbs

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If there’s one thing I’ve realized when I talk to others about healthy eating it’s that we lllloooovvvee our carbohydrates. Especially our breads. It seems you can take away our chocolate, our ice cream, and even our takeaways, but don’t even think about taking away our bread! People get really defensive when you so much as suggest too many carbs …

3 Reasons Getting Skinny Is The Wrong Motive

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It seems like every other person wants to lose weight these days, but focussing too much on getting “skinny” can actually detract from your ability to lose weight. Perhaps you’ve been there — it seems like no matter how hard you try, the weight just won’t budge, even though you feel like you’re doing everything “right”. Believe it or not, …

3 Major Diet Saboteurs

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You’re smart and well informed about lots of things in life, so why is it so tough for you to stay fit and healthy? You may have lots of excuses, and no doubt you have a heap of challenges facing you, but don’t let these excuses be your reason for not achieving your health goals. We certainly have unlimited access to …