Why You Need To Avoid Processed Meats

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Do you ever stop to consider exactly how the foods you eat most are produced? Something I’ve been considering recently are the curing and smoking processes for meats. If you indulge regularly in processed beef and pork, or smoked fish, you may be thinking it’s no big deal. However, eating these foods can certainly have consequences on your future health. I …

saturated fat good or bad

What A Degree In Dietetics DIDN’T Teach Me About Saturated Fat

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What does bloodletting, scurvy, and our understanding of saturated fat have in common? Before I share the answer with you, allow me to say that while we live in an era of unparalleled educational opportunities, there are some things that are still undervalued, and often unappreciated. Skepticism, curiosity, and the ability to think and research for oneself, are not always …

body mass index

The Big Lie Called BMI

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Even if you don’t know precisely what it is, or how it’s worked out, I’ll hazard a guess that you’ve heard about body mass index, or BMI before. If you’ve ever had a health check with your doctor or dietitian, they probably made a note of your BMI. They may even have used it as ‘evidence’ in their case to …