How Your Crack-Head Style Addiction To Facebook Is Wrecking Havoc On Your Body Image

CoachMel Lifestyle 8 Comments

As you’re reading this, chances are your Facebook profile is waiting for you on the next tab. You probably think browsing Facebook is pretty harmless, but is that really the case? Consider the constant comments, status updates, and images you are subjected to, and have little control over, on a daily basis… “l look so fat in that photo.” “You …

Is The Paleo Diet Healthy?

CoachMel Healthy Eating 25 Comments

Ever get frustrated at the ever-changing and contradictory nutritional advice being spouted by university and internet trained experts? Believe me when I say, your frustration is probably a fraction of mine. I’m supposed to know what’s right and have all the answers, and while I enjoy researching, sometimes wading through contradictory claims can become tiresome.