3 Reasons Getting Skinny Is The Wrong Motive

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It seems like every other person wants to lose weight these days, but focussing too much on getting “skinny” can actually detract from your ability to lose weight. Perhaps you’ve been there — it seems like no matter how hard you try, the weight just won’t budge, even though you feel like you’re doing everything “right”. Believe it or not, …

3 Major Diet Saboteurs

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You’re smart and well informed about lots of things in life, so why is it so tough for you to stay fit and healthy? You may have lots of excuses, and no doubt you have a heap of challenges facing you, but don’t let these excuses be your reason for not achieving your health goals. We certainly have unlimited access to …

Research Says Chew More To Eat Less

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One of the things, which makes dieting so difficult, is the tremendous amount of information available. Information is not a bad thing in and of itself, but the extent to which we’re inundated with new data on a daily basis, can be overwhelming at times. With all this information, we often tend to over-think our dieting and weight loss program. And, it …

3 Low Carb Side Dishes You Need To Try

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When you initially switch over to a modified carb diet, it can be quite challenging to shift from always having starchy carbs, like potatoes and rice, at main meals. It’s often difficult to know what to replace them with. So, here are a few of the low carb side dishes I’ve discovered work just as well, if not better, than higher …

Do Not Try Krill Oil Until You Read These Facts

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Krill oil is fast becoming the ‘darling‘ of the nutrition world. But, is all the talk simply hyperbole, or is there something more behind these claims than clever marketing tricks? Firstly, what is krill oil, and how does it work? Krill oil comes from shrimp-like crustaceans, found mostly in the Antarctic and North Pacific Oceans.

The Cold Hard Facts of the Benefits of Weight Loss

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It seems everyone is after permanent weight loss. But, does anyone really have the solution, particularly a solution that is long lasting? I think one reason weight loss is such an elusive topic, is that often we’re not 100 percent clear why weight loss is important on a personal level, other than some vauge notion of wanting to look good on holiday. But, …