Starvation Mode: Truth or Myth?

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If you’ve ever hit a weight loss plateau, no doubt someone has tried to ‘diagnose’ your plight as the result of the mystery ‘starvation mode.’ But, is this a true phenomenon, or simply another misinformed dieting myth? Well, starvation mode is really the non-scientific term used to describe the metabolic, hormonal, psychological, and behavioral responses which happen with an extreme …

What They Don’t Tell You About Full Fat Dairy

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For years we have been fed lies and/or inaccurate information about what constitutes a healthy diet. One of the biggest pieces of misinformation we’ve been told is to avoid unhealthy fats, specifically saturated fat. As a result, the general public have been terrified into thinking if they eat too much saturated fat it will clog the arteries. This has led …

End the Frustration of Weight Loss Plateau Forever

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You work incredibly hard to lose weight. Yet, you are so intimately familiar with the stress and despondency of feeling like you’re getting nowhere. And, despite your very best intentions, you seem to have reached yet another weight loss plateau. So, what can be done about this pesky problem? Firstly, it’s really important to be clear about what a ‘plateau’ is.

How to Harness Your Inner Motivation to Exercise

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One of the biggest problems my clients have when seeking to improve their lifestyle, is their ability to adhere to a consistent exercise routine. For some people it is simply an uphill struggle each and every day. It’s not that they dislike exercising so much as they just can’t seem to make the time for it.