low fat foods

7 Low Fat Foods That Are Actually Bad For You

CoachMel Healthy Eating 5 Comments

It drives me crazy how so many still equate low fat foods with health. It’s obvious some foods are naturally low in fat, like fruits and vegetables, and they are indeed super healthy. But, what I’m concerned about here are those foods manufacturers pride themselves on offering consumers, foods that are low in fat, yet they are packed full of sugar and other unhealthy …

is salt healthy

Is Salt Healthy? The Shocking Truth!

CoachMel Healthy Eating 5 Comments

The question, “Is salt healthy” is one very few ask, it’s something people don’t even question in their minds, actually. According to conventional wisdom, too much salt in the diet increases blood pressure, which can lead to hypertension and as a result stroke, heart failure or heart attack. The World Health Organisation recommend adults eat no more than 5g (1 tsp) of …

get more exericse

5 Ways to Get More Exercise – Without Really Trying

CoachMel Exercise 11 Comments

I’m writing this article today as a “note to my present self” as much as I am to you, my dear readers… I need to get more exercise! You see, we moved to Canada over a year ago, and if there’s anything that will mess with your routine, it’s packing up and moving across the world. I can honestly say it has …