Hi. My name is Melanie.

I’m the leading freedom fighter here at Diet Rebel. I help paper pushers, homemakers, business owners, or any John or Jane Doe regain control, get fit, stay healthy, and do it with minimal time investment.

Maybe you’re here because you’re overweight and frustrated because you haven’t found anything that enabled you to achieve lasting success. Maybe you’re here because as a parent, the reality that your unhealthy state could make THEIR lives more difficult just hit you like a ton of bricks.

Or maybe you just want to wake up, look in the mirror, and feel better about yourself.

The reason doesn’t matter. The amount of weight doesn’t matter.

The only thing that matters is the commitment.


So, Why Diet Rebel?


It began with my imprisonment.

After completing my degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Ulster, I thought I was beginning a journey into the National Health Service in the UK, where I’m from.

But that didn’t happen.

My husband’s work took us to Australia for two years shortly after I had graduated and we had married.

While there, I began to write online to keep to try and help people live a healthy lifestyle.

In truth, after researching and writing hundreds and hundreds of articles over the course of several years, having over a million visitors to my site each year, the person being most helped was me.

I had been imprisoned by what I can only describe as a process of institutionalization.

While my degree gave me a foundation for learning, I was also indoctrinated.

I can still remember some of those old articles written in 2007, advising people to avoid things like coconut oil and butter.

It’s like a bad dream.

But writing for myself and researching every article began a process of liberation.

All I ever wanted to do was share the truth and genuinely help people.

Diet Rebel is the result of my on-going journey.

It is the result of self-education after years of indoctrination.

It is the unadulterated truth.

Some of my articles are literally written to be the most helpful available. A goal I’m continually working on.

If you want to lose weight, I can get you there. If you want to get shredded, I can get you there. If you just want to feel better about yourself when you wake up in the morning, I can get you there.


The Philosophy


I don’t talk about my faith all the time, but I’m unashamedly Christian.

I believe we are here to glorify God. And while one doesn’t not need to be slim and healthy to do that, if God has given us good health it is not to be abused.

Life is a privilege not to be abused.


I encourage you to eat mostly what God has given, not what man has substituted.

I encourage you to exercise for health, not for vanity.

I encourage you to be positive if you’re a Christian, because the worst that can happen has been paid for by Jesus Christ.

I discourage meal-replacement shakes, counting calories, starving yourself, being a slave to the scales, or living at the gym.

We want to live life, love life, and share life… every day in the best way possible.

Diet Rebel isn’t a plan or a program for me…it’s a way of life!