5 Health Benefits Of Coffee

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Coffee hasn’t had an easy ride in the health and fitness world, with some even linking it to a number of diseases.

However, when you take a closer look at the facts, it really isn’t bad.

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Coffee is in fact, an excellent source of certain health boosting phytonutrients, such as caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid and ferulic acid.

Benefits of Coffee

Let’s take a look at five impressive health benefits of coffee.

1. Antioxidant Protection

Free radicals are nasty substances which can cause cancer, diabetes and accelerate the ageing process.

Fortunately though, you can protect yourself from free radicals, and minimize the damage they cause, by eating or drinking antioxidants.

Antioxidants can be found in various plant based foods and drinks. And, coffee is no exception to this, with caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid and ferulic acid all being potent antioxidants

2. Cancer Protection

Coffee was once linked with cancer, but now studies show that cancer protection is one of the many health benefits of coffee.

These cancer fighting effects are mainly due to the caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid found in coffee, with research showning that both these nutrients have anti-cancer properties.

3. Diabetes Protection

Drinking coffee is also though to protect against diabetes.

The caffeic acid reduces blood glucose levels, whilst the chlorogenic acid in coffee inhibits the release of glycogen (stored glucose) from the liver.

This helps to keeps your blood glucose levels low.

4. Heart Disease Protection

Caffeic acid may also help to protect the heart by preventing atherosclerosis (a condition where hard plaques form in your artery walls, which can stop blood getting to the heart).

Caffeic acid may also help to reduce blood levels of low density lipoprotein, or LDL cholesterol.

These effects ensure that there is always a good supply of blood and oxygen to and from your heart.

5. Improved Weight Loss

Coffee is probably the last thing which springs to mind when you think of weight loss. However, it may actually help you to shed a few pounds.

There is some evidence indicating that coffee contributes to weight loss by increasing thermogenesis, which is one way the body burns up the excess calories.

You will often hear green tea lauded for its health benefits. And, whilst this praise is perfectly justified, that doesn’t mean coffee should be ignored either.

Enjoying a cup of coffee each morning will not only give you a kick to start the day, but it might just be beneficial to your long-term health, too.

Mel adds: While coffee does appear to offer many health benefits, this should not be interpreted as an incentive to increase your daily coffee intake.

I recommend drinking no more than one to two cups per day.

Remember, other drinks contain nutrients which coffee does not. And, if you add sugar and cream to your coffee, you will also be taking in a lot of unnecessary calories.

How many cups of coffee do you drink each day?

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NEW VISITOR BONUS: Download a Free Guide
How To Lose Weight Fast in 3 Simple Steps (Based on Science).

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Comments 18

  1. Tom Parker

    Glad you liked it Taleen :-).

    Melanie – Thanks once again for the opportunity.

    If anyone else has questions or comments on this article please let me know. I will be more than happy to give feedback on this post.

  2. cathy in NZ

    that is a very interesting take on the matter…

    i used to drink a lot of coffee but now I have one per day, usually in the afternoon with a small snack or banana depending on what I have eaten during the day…

    in the morning I have a hot chocolate half-milk/water

    i also try to have at least 2 cups of green tea (not straight, but flavour…along with of course water.

    all in the name of health benefits…sometimes this doesn’t work of course!!

    I prefer a plunger type or a flat white (if I’m out at cafe)- not keen on instant

  3. cathy in NZ

    oops forgot…I used to have a sugar in the coffee but then one day at a cafe, none on table so tried it without…never returned to sugar unless drinking a ghastly instant which needs some perking up!

  4. Tom Parker

    Hey Cathy – Glad to hear you ditched the sugar in coffee.

    I usually go through 2 cups a day but I also drink a lot of green tea, regular tea, ginger tea etc. I love my hot drinks and rarely sit without 1.

    When it comes to coffee it’s a balancing act. It does benefit your body but too much puts you at risk of caffeine overdose.

  5. Taleen

    I love coffee but I drink lots of green tea, good British tea 😉 and make my own jujube tea (with slices of asian pear for sweetness) or goji berry tea. Both powerhouse drinks!!!

  6. Katy

    Good Morning! As I am drinking my coffee I was pleased to find this article. I’ve often thought that drinking coffee was such a bad habit and not doing any good for my nutrition. I recently started drinking decaf some days and regular caffeinated other days, just because sometimes I will get to jittery at the office. I’m wondering if decaf coffee has the same health promoting qualities and protections? If one of the acids is caffeic acid, does that only come with the caffeinated version? Thanks!!

  7. Katy

    Hi Melanie,

    No I usually don’t drink that much coffee one cup in the morning during the week, one or two on the weekends. But during the week I don’t brew coffee I buy a cup from the cafe/bakery down the road from my office. There regular caffeinated coffee makes me jittery, so I started drinking their decaf. Someone else from my office said their coffee always seemed like it had extra caffeine to. So I don’t know maybe it’s just their blend?

    1. Melanie

      Hi Katy,
      I think it’s pretty common for coffee shops to sell coffee that it stronger. Sometimes it is because they use an expresso shot with frothy milk etc, so you’re getting that taste which you wouldn’t get at home.

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