10 Week Body Makeover: Week 1 Results

Most of us know that weight loss is simply a matter of consistent calorie deficit, i.e. you burn more calories than you consume.

It’s simple science.

However, maintaining a calorie deficit while carrying out your daily life is often the real challenge.

No one can function right if they have perpetual hunger pangs!

If you follow this site, you’ll know that on Monday I started a 10 week plan to get in shape.

Various thoughts through the week

I did a few quick videos through the week to relate how I was finding the plan, which you can see here:

I aim to do these as and when I get the chance. If you have any questions then I may answer them in this way through the week.

Week 1 Results

Anyway, this morning I weighed and measured myself to see what the plan has been doing. The video is below:

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So, here are the stats compared:


Waist: 97cm (38 inches)
Weight: 85.7kg (189lbs)
BMI: 28

After 1 week:

Waist: 93cm (36.6 inches)
Weight: 81.6kg (180lbs)
BMI: 26.6

That’s 4cm off my waist and 9lbs in weight lost.

Further points

To be honest, I’m amazed at the results so far. It has been relatively easy, and as I said at the beginning of this post, often the challenge when losing weight is battling with hunger. But, that hasn’t been the case. With this plan:

  • I don’t feel hungry between scheduled meals
  • There is no calorie counting for me to do
  • The exercise hasn’t started too intense in order to give my body time to adjust.

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Is Your Body Ready For Summer?

You won't believe how Diet Rebel member Ruth achieved her lowest weight in 30 years. Click the button below to discover how...

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  1. Taleen

    Armen, this is WONDERFUL!!! GOOD for you!!!!!

    To be honest, I’m SO delighted that you are doing this. As I said before, your body disguised your weight gain well but (as your sister…knowing you very well) I knew that facially you were not as healthy as you could be. I have watched all your videos and I see I marked difference in your face already!!! You are looking SO WELL! You have lost weight around your face (and no, it is not because you have shaved) and you just look brighter and a healthier tone.

    I am delighted. I truly am! Stay strong and keep it up – your results are wonderful!

    1. Post

      Dear me… such praise after only one week??

      Maybe I should just stop now. It can only go downhill from here!! 😀

      Yeah, I definitely feel different and it’s mostly down to the diet. Exercise can’t have such a dramatic visual change in under a week, but diet can. I’m really chuffed with the early progress.

      1. Taleen

        Yes, such praise indeed! The results from your first week are great and you should be encouraged! However, that does NOT mean stop..it means keep going, we’re hooked already…and excited to see your progress! 😀

        1. Post
    1. Post

      I’m allowed one meal where I can eat what I want anyway. I just had to change it from Sunday to Friday, but that’s okay. It didn’t have a negative effect it seems.

      1. Taleen

        It is good to have that one meal a week. I have a night a week where I just let myself indulge in my FAVOURITE meal! Thankfully for me, it doesn’t mean I go out and eat burger and chips or fried chicken because that food doesn’t remotely excite me! It usually means the raw tuna bar in endless supply with all the trimmings…or sometimes a lovely galbi – the meat grilled in the middle of the table… you should google it, I think you’d be a fan! You get a piece of your meat, get a lettuce leaf, put some of your favourite banchan (side dishes) or rice in the leaf and add your meat and enjoy. It is a very sociable meal too and you can take or leave what does or doesn’t appeal as everything (apart from the meat) is service!

        It is good if you adopt such a way of eating wherein even when you indulge, it is not ‘bad’ eating.

        1. Post
          1. Taleen

            You might be surprised!!! 😉

            However, I can’t blame you for viewing Melanie’s lasagne as a treat..yum!

  2. Ruth

    Hi Arme, was wondering if your nausea was due to withdrawal from tea and coffee? I experience this and headaches when I stop caffine suddenly so I try to do it more gradual now if I was making a specific attempt. When I see these amazing results I would be thinking of doing the same again and investigate your plan more closely. LOL

    Well done again. Results like these are often found in folks that are very, very over weight.

    1. Post

      The nausea was straight after my first workout, which took place on the morning of the first day, so I wouldn’t have been suffering withdrawal symptoms at that stage.

      However, I did have a headache or two early last week, and that was likely caused by caffeine withdrawal. A small price to pay, really.

      And yes, you’re right. It’s rare for someone my size to lose such weight. I won’t lose that this week I’m pretty sure, but we’ll wait and see.

      It’s working so well because of a combination of things, and they all must be in place I believe in order to see such ‘success’.

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