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What A Degree In Dietetics DIDN’T Teach Me About Saturated Fat

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What does bloodletting, scurvy, and our understanding of saturated fat have in common? Before I share the answer with you, allow me to say that while we live in an era of unparalleled educational opportunities, there are some things that are still undervalued, and often unappreciated. Skepticism, curiosity, and the ability to think and research for oneself, are not always …

What Are Probiotics?

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Most of us have heard that probiotics are “good” for us. But why? And what are the best sources? Down through the years, people around the world have used fermented foods to promote their health. Whether it’s fermented vegetables, fermented yogurt or kefir, it’s been known for centuries that good bacteria is, well, good for us! So, you might be …

Soft Food Diet: Tips and Ideas

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A soft food diet may be recommended by your doctor if you have swallowing difficulties, or if you’ve had surgery of the jaw, mouth or gastrointestinal tract. While it can be difficult, especially in the early days, your soft food diet doesn’t have to be boring. Thankfully, it’s much more than just soup and jelly!

5 Ways to Prevent Flu

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Do you know people who always seem to be sick? I know I do. While you can’t totally prevent illness, by following a healthy lifestyle it certainly goes a long way to help easing your symptoms, as well as reducing the frequency of days off with flu. Here are 5 things you can do to prevent flu