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5 Ways to Get More Exercise – Without Really Trying

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I’m writing this article today as a “note to my present self” as much as I am to you, my dear readers… I need to get more exercise! You see, we moved to Canada over a year ago, and if there’s anything that will mess with your routine, it’s packing up and moving across the world. I can honestly say it has …

Does Muscle Weigh More Than Fat?

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If you’ve been on a diet and exercise program for any length of time, you’ll know the weight doesn’t just fall off week after week. There will always be those weeks when things slow down. Sometimes you even gain some weight. In the face of this frustration, a commonly cited excuse to explain this lack of consistent results, is that …

How to Harness Your Inner Motivation to Exercise

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One of the biggest problems my clients have when seeking to improve their lifestyle, is their ability to adhere to a consistent exercise routine. For some people it is simply an uphill struggle each and every day. It’s not that they dislike exercising so much as they just can’t seem to make the time for it.

Should You Exercise Before Eating Breakfast?

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It’s another of those much debated topics. In one camp they say you should never exercise on an empty stomach because it can lead to muscle wasting and exercise burn out. But, in the other camp there are those who swear by working out before eating anything. In the past I’ve generally encouraged eating something small before exercising, however I’ve swayed …