What Is Raw Chocolate?

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It’s always interesting how the media take a truth, and gradually distort is beyond recognition. This happens frequently in the diet world, and is one reason why you should be very wary of where you get your health advice. Take chocolate, for example. I’ve heard well-meaning radio and TV presenters glorifying the health benefits of chocolate. And, while that may be …

Why You Need To Avoid Processed Meats

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Do you ever stop to consider exactly how the foods you eat most are produced? Something I’ve been considering recently are the curing and smoking processes for meats. If you indulge regularly in processed beef and pork, or smoked fish, you may be thinking it’s no big deal. However, eating these foods can certainly have consequences on your future health. I …


What Are Polyphenols?

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With so many “natural” branded foods on the shelves these days, it can be somewhat difficult to weed out the decent foods from the junk posing as healthy food. But, I have some good news to that end. Some of the very best foods for you do not need to be branded as “natural,” and the things that make these …


7 Ways To Make Breakfast Better

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Mums are usually right about most stuff, aren’t they? 😉 Well, research shows us there’s certainly one thing mum got right, and that is just how important a good breakfast is each morning. Eating a substantial, nutrient-filled breakfast is one of the best ways to ward off unhealthy food cravings, keep your weight under control, and also eliminate the fatigue …