Don’t Focus on Losing Belly Fat

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If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to lose the fat around your middle, you need to think again. There’s no question your health and overall appearance will improve once your stomach fat is reduced. But, assuming you want to get in shape by learning how to eat healthy, focusing on losing belly fat is the wrong thing to …

Weight Loss: Quit Eating Rabbit Food!

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What is it that holds you back from making real progress with weight loss long-term? For many people (I think) one problem is the crazy misconception eating for weight loss requires munching down rabbit food 24/7. In other words eating bland, boring, tasteless food. Soggy lettuce leaf anyone??? How miserable!

Why Very Low Calorie Diets Are So Dangerous

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Frustratingly, meal replacement programs seem to have become more and more popular in recent years, coinciding with the desire many people have to try living on a very low calorie diet. People are simply demanding everything to be achieved “fast”. Get fit fast. Get rich fast. Lose weight fast. So, popping a pill and drinking our meals, seems like an …

Why Am I Fat? Here Are 13 Reasons

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Have you ever asked yourself ‘why am i fat?‘ Have you been struggling to lose weight most of your life? It’s clear that many people already know a lot about dieting. But, why do so many find it difficult to lose weight, or indeed maintain any weight lost? There are many possible answers to this questions, but few certainties! For …

7 Habits Which Defy Your Weight Loss Efforts

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Do you struggle with weight gain? What are the issues that hold you back? If you find it difficult to lose weight, you may have underlying unhealthy habits that are acting as a stumbling block to you. Lets take a look at a few possibilities… #1 You eat when you’re stressed Many people eat more when they’re stressed, bored, depressed, …