Finding the Inspiration to Change Your Thoughts

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One of the hardest things about trying to change your life for the better is that it can be difficult to see beyond your present circumstances.

A problem that has plagued you for years may seem as if it’s insurmountable, yet sometimes a friend or mentor can see answers to our problems that we would never have considered.

Why? Because they have a different perspective, they’re looking at the situation from a completely different angle.

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We all get stuck in a rut at times, and it’s worth remembering that we can make meaningful changes to our life if we’re willing to think outside the box a little, and find the inspiration we need to change those thoughts we’ve held for a lifetime.

Changing your outlook isn’t easy, but the rewards, and the corresponding changes in your life, make the effort worthwhile.

Here Are 5 Ways to Find Inspiration to Change Your Thoughts

1. Seek Out New Experiences
Going through the same routine day in and day out can feel comforting and safe, and at times it’s just what we need. But it can also be limiting and emotionally stifling at times.

Try to make an effort to do something out of your comfort zone once a week.

It doesn’t have to be much, you could try out a new restaurant in the neighbourhood, take a walk in a new area, or make friends with the new person on your street.

Just giving your brain some new experiences to digest will help you to be more creative and motivated.

2. Keep An Open Mind
Often we make judgments about people or events in our lives, whether positive or negative. Sometimes pre-judging situations can limit our opportunities to learn.

There is a great story about an old farmer who found a wild horse and brought him to his farm:

“That’s good,” said the farmer’s friend. “We’ll see,” said the farmer. The next day the farmer’s son was riding the new horse and fell off and broke his leg. “That’s too bad,” said the friend. “We’ll see,” the farmer replied. The following week, the army came to conscript all the young men in the village, but the farmer’s son was spared because of his broken leg. “That’s great news,” said the friend. “We’ll see,” said the farmer.

The point is that we really don’t know how the events of our lives will affect us in the long run, so by keeping an open mind, we can maintain a youthful curiosity about people, places and things, and maybe even learn a new way to think about our life experiences, or address a problem more successfully in future.

3. Spend Some Time Alone
Spending time alone thinking, praying, writing in a journal, are some of the best ways to think deeply about a problem and really get in touch with what’s going on in your mind.

When you’re alone you will tend to notice subtle things that you often wouldn’t if others were around, and you can maintain your train of thought more easily without distraction.

4. Find Mentors
Good mentors can be a tremendous help to us in life. Having someone to discuss ideas, thoughts and feelings, and share experiences with can really help us to become more open to new possibilities.

Some mentors don’t even need to be part of your life to help you. One of the best ways to learn is to read biographies of successful people, those who you aspire to be like, who have been in a similar circumstance to you.

Finding out what pitfalls they faced, and how they solved their problems, will be motivating, at the very least.

5. Share Your Experiences
Finally, sharing your experiences can help you see your life in a different context.

Teachers often report that they learn as much from their students as the students learn from them.

By sharing your experiences, you not only help others, but you allow yourself to receive support, which can lead to a beneficial change in your own thought process long-term.

Begin NOW

You can begin this process right now by sharing your own experiences, thoughts, or tips below in the comments section…

How can we all find the inspiration needed to change our thoughts for the better?

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Great! Where should I send the guide?
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Follow these steps to lose 10 pounds in a week

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