If You Apply Just ONE Diet Tip In Your Life, Let This Be It

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A lot of the stuff you read on the web these days is the same old thing regurgitated over and over again.

As Solomon says, there really is nothing new under the sun.

But when you’ve read 10 tips for this, and 25 ways to do that, so many times, it really does get a bit tired after a while.

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I know, I’ve written blog posts like that in the past, too. There is a place for them.

But, often you find yourself coming away from that type of article with very little, because there’s so much in there you just don’t know what to focus on.

The result is that you end up focusing on nothing.

The Best Diet Tip

As I thought about that, I wondered what my best diet tip would be if I were forced to give just one.

And, that’s a difficult question.

How do I come up with just one tip that will really and truly help you to improve your diet?

It’s tough, but I know this diet tip is extremely beneficial, because I apply it everyday in my own home.

No-one can deny that chronic illness is rampant, but we cannot escape the biological law of cause and effect — that means the food choices you are making are the most significant cause of disease and premature death.

You can, however, put that right in your own kitchen, by choosing to eat the most nutrient dense foods available to you.

Today, I want you to do just one thing that will make a difference to your health and life.

Focus on adding to your diet, not taking away

Often the negativity associated with taking certain foods out of the diet can hinder our progress. As a result, we get nowhere fast.

In addition to this, when you add nutrient packed foods to your diet, you will naturally eat less of the unhealthier foods you’d like to avoid.

This is because you feel more satisfied from the volume of the other foods you are eating, your body is getting more of the nutrients it needs, and so you crave food less.

So, what foods can you add to your diet to make it the most nutrient rich diet?

Let me give you just one example of how this works.

Diet Tip: Add Fruits And Vegetables

When you focus on getting at least 7 portions of fruits and vegetables into your diet each day, you will very easily start to eat better and feel healthier.

This is because you will be filling up on nutrient dense, high fiber foods, yet these foods are also low in calories. That means lots of nutrients, more energy, a lower calorie intake, and you don’t feel hungry all of the time… it’s a win-win situation.

I suggest that you try to work more vegetables into your recipes, as well as just serving them on the side of your dinner plate.

I like to add grated vegetables like carrots or courgette to chili and curry, or spinach leaves to soups, for example.

Something else we do regularly at home, is to have a large bowl of salad in the middle of the table at dinner time to eat either at the beginning or end of our meal.

My favorite salads have green leaves (spinach, watercress), with tomatoes, red peppers, raw broccoli, grated carrot, with a lemon juice and garlic dressing. It’s so simple and delicious.

You can take this basic principle and apply it to all of your meals and snacks. You could, for example, swap a sugary, highly processed snack for raw nuts, or cut out sodas and drink water and green tea instead.

Basically, your focus is to get the most nutrients into your meals and snacks each day.

When you think about your eating habits in that way, it really helps you to avoid foods that aren’t so good for you, because each time you reach for a cookie, you are forced to ask yourself if this is really the best choice available to help you meet your goal of a nutrient dense diet.

I asked on my Facebook page, what’s the best diet tip you’ve ever heard? This is Waseem’s response,

When you’re standing in front of something you’re about to eat ask yourself: “Is this going to clog me or cleanse me?”

Thank you Waseem. I thought that was a very appropriate diet tip for today’s article 🙂

Action Tip:

If you’re not already, set aside one week to experiment with adding 7 or more portions of fruit and vegetables to your diet every day.

Don’t focus on removing bad stuff. But, if you focus on adding these nutrient rich foods, you’ll consequently eat less of the stuff doing you no good.

Let me know how you get on.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, too. What’s that best diet tip you’ve ever heard/tried?

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NEW VISITOR BONUS: Download a Free Guide
How To Lose Weight Fast in 3 Simple Steps (Based on Science).

Great! Where should I send the guide?
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Follow these steps to lose 10 pounds in a week

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Comments 19

  1. Cathy in NZ

    Mine is not really one tip although if you look at it from all angles you will see “one”

    It’s not about dieting or losing weight particularly either…

    Look at yourself, not in a mirror, not naked but rather your “inside” self and ask “what do I want to do?”

    Then when you have your reply if you can decide on one say “how will I balance that with what I need to do etc?”

    Then “follow your heart, your passion or whatever motivates you and just start, better tools will come along when you need them…”

    part of that quote is I think from Napolean Hill but that quote is at home and I’m not…

    An example of recent days was trying to get started with a big essay assignment for Uni; I couldn’t work out how to “start” – finally I put all my research papers in a pile and just started extracting from each one what I needed for the topic. Before long I had a 1000 words and then next day around 2x more (more than I needed); it was in no order that would come later. As I typed some, I thought “some of are the same sentiments as another author” but it didn’t matter – I had STARTED. I finished my assignment the night before, it still needed a bit of tidying up – but it was done and now it is in to be marked and I’ve a breather before another…

    1. Melanie

      I LOVE that principle, Cathy. You are so right about just getting started. I really find that to be the case with exercise. When I feel like I don’t want to, just making myself begin always results in the workout getting completed. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Cathy in NZ

    oops another tip…

    a young friend of mine is doing a bit of physical training and the nutritionist decided a change of food/fuel was needed and mapped out a plan…

    one of the items was cottage cheese, followed by sweetened pineapple (a mid morning snack) but even taken separately he found them unpalable. I tried to explain that adding some spices or herbs to the cottage cheese would help and that maybe even putting the c/cheese on a cracker with a garnish might help…but he is not happy and has decided that c/cheese is not part of the plan!

    So the tip is…you are advised to eat “xyz” but you do not really like it – what to do? Do as above or find another way to incorporate it into your diet. Smoothies spring to mind but it’s going to depend on what your “xyz” is

  3. Heidi Willow

    My favorite diet tip is to forget the diet and get moving. I accept that I have choices to make in life and when I choose to eat something I know is bad for me, I don’t believe I’ve “fallen off the wagon.” Instead I get moving and do what I have to do.


  4. Kris

    Wow, that’s an interesting perspective. I’ve never thought about it that way, but it makes perfect sense. If you eat more fruits, veggies, nuts, and other whole foods, you won’t have a lot of room left for junk. Great tip!

    1. Melanie

      Hi Kris, Thank you! I hope it helps, I personally find it works for me. So simple, yet extremely effective.

  5. Gerry

    Great post, thank you! I run ‘Ditch the diet’ courses myself and one of the single biggest challenges that I face is trying to get my clients to move away from calorie or ‘point’ counting and focus on their health and the nutritional value of food instead.

    The diet industry has literally brainwashed us into focusing on ‘quick fixes’ to get slim (which are usually detrimental to health) rather than focusing on having a healthy lifestyle, teaching people which foods the body needs and why, and helping people to raise their self-esteem, and learn tools and techniques to break limiting beliefs and negative habits.

    I find it sad that so many of us are totally confused about what to eat, or not to eat because of this. You’ve hit the nail on the head…get back to basics; eat plenty of fresh wholesome foods whilst avoiding anything with a list of ingredients and you’ll natural become slim, the healthy way:)

    1. Cathy in NZ


      It’s all about ADVERTISING – the bigger the print, the bigger the pictures i.e. must be TWO pictures one of the “overweight” vs the “new slim” version…

      Also people believe if the $$ are pretty high then the outcome will be so much better…

      Or the “author” or even “celebrity” who creates that “small you” is really great, so I will be able to do it as well.

      I long ago gave up on what I should or shouldn’t eat…I am okay eating with a mind to “portions” not at that meal but over the day 🙂

    2. Melanie

      Hi Gerry,
      Thanks for your comment. I love the sound of your courses, great that you are in the Uk, too 🙂 You are so right, it’s incredibly difficult to get people to think different when they’ve believed something almost their whole life. Do you find that people sometimes go back to old habits again?

  6. Gerry

    Hi Melanie,

    Unfortunately this does sometimes happen although on the whole, most people start to notice how they FEEL, and how much more energy they have rather than just focusing solely on their weight and this helps to change their mindset for the long term.

    I find that sadly the people who tend to go back to their old habits are usually those who have followed a lot of ‘quick-fix’ weight-loss diets before, preferring to get fast results rather than healthy results.

  7. Scott

    I suppose I have followed this principle with recipes (unknowingly, of course).
    Focus on adding healthy ingredients to replace the cruddy ones. How’s that for “glass half full?”

    Many thanks

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