7 Exercise Accessories for Gadget Luvin’ Geeks!

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If trying to lose weight, or get in shape is proving difficult for you, have you checked out the host of unusual fitness gadgets out there?

There’s a vast array of interesting accessories, promising to help spur us on to better health, and if gadgets really aren’t your thing, they do make perfect gifts for that ‘someone’ who has everything.

Seven gadgets to help improve your health and wellbeing:

#1 Beurer Heart Rate Monitoring Glove

Heart rate monitoring has taken on a new style with this trendy glove.

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Rather than wearing an obtrusive belt across your chest, this glove measures reflected light from an artery in the index finger. Pretty cleaver stuff.

It has been designed to fit like a second skin, and the device can be read and operated easily whilst running, so you don’t even need to slow your pace.

Why use this?

If style, convenience, and practicality are important to you while working out, this nifty little glove may be just what you’re after.

#2 Titanium Spring Loaded Insoles

These fab insoles are built with five titanium springs (directly underneath the heel) that cushion and support the foot.

The soles have smaller springs under the ball of the foot to further disperse the impact and cradle the foot.

They are also reported to return some of the energy of the downward footfall back up to the body for a “push off” with every stride.

The suspension coils are only 1/4″ thick, so they’re suitable for athletic shoes, or likewise.

The insole also features honeycomb padding with valves that draw in and expel air during walking for constant circulation to keep the shoe dry and skin healthy.

Why use these?

If you need more support from your footwear, and a little extra spring in your step wouldn’t go amiss, these insoles are perfect for you.

#3 Talking Pedometer

Do you like the idea of having your own personal trainer, but simply can’t afford it? Well, the Talking Pedometer may be the low budget solution you’ve been waiting for

This device announces your exercise progress, including distance traveled, calories burned, and elapsed time of your workout.

Why use this?

The Talking Pedometer would be perfect for runners, walkers or hikers who like to know exactly how they’re progressing, and the device also provides that extra motivational support we often need to continue.

#4 JumpSnap: Ropeless Jump Rope

We know that skipping is an excellent form of exercise, but if you are space restricted in your home, or find that you’re constantly interrupted by tripping on the rope, it can be a tiresome activity.

The JumpSnap Rope is a revolution in jumping ropes, consisting of two weighted handles, rather than the traditional rope.

The device will also inform you how many calories you’ve burned, the number of rotations, and the elapsed time of your workout.

Why use this?

If you want a fast and effective workout, but don’t have much space at home, or you travel often, this handy device may be the perfect piece of exercise equipment.

#5 Progio Training Companion

The Progio Training Companion helps you find the correct balance in your exercise training, including strength, flexibility, cardio, and functional exercises.

It also comes with step-by-step exercise instructions, and allows you to cycle between strength and cardio sessions to give the best possible workout.

In addition, the Progio records your workout, and syncs it with the main website to help monitor your progress.

Why use this?

Well, it’s definitely cheaper than hiring your own personal trainer, and it does offer some very slick options, but is it really worth the big bucks? I’m not sure.

#6 Net Runner

If I had a category for the “craziest piece of exercise equipment,” honestly the Net Runner would win hands down. Nothing touches this baby.

It attaches to your treadmill, or other exercise machine, and will securely hold your laptop in place while you workout.

You can surf the web, watch a movie, or keep up with work deadlines, while exercising at the same time.

However, I do see major problems doing anything other than watching a movie using this.

Why use this?

If you can’t seem to stop working long enough to exercise, I really don’t think this is the answer. Talking a walk outside would be so much more beneficial for health.

#7 Oakley’s RADAR Glasses

Oakley’s RADAR glasses contain a revolutionary Hydrophobic™ lens coating that repels water, skin oils and debris, and they’re smudge resistant, keeping the optics crystal clear.

The result? They give athletes the best performance possible in any sporting environment.

Why use these?

If you’re an outdoor sports enthusiast you will benefit from Oakley’s engineering mastermind found in the RADAR, and you’ll look extremely cool while you do so.

You can purchase from the Oakley website.

What gadgets do you use while working out? Do any of these appeal to you? Do you think gadgets are useful, or a waste of money?

NEW VISITOR BONUS: Download a Free Guide
How To Lose Weight Fast in 3 Simple Steps (Based on Science).

Great! Where should I send the guide?
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Comments 13

  1. Tom

    Call me old fashioned, but I just use a regular iPod when I work out. However, a lot of these look pretty cool, and who doesn’t like to buy new toys. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. Glenn

    re: the jump rope….Geraldine’s first comment was “why do you not just jump?”
    I suppose “just jumping” would not be so good at counting calories!

  3. Melanie

    Hi Tom,

    Yeah, I’m a bit the same, I prefer a little music, or even silence to workout, and I don’t use any gadgets, but I wouldn’t mind trying out the spring loaded insoles!

    Lady & Glenn,

    Re: jump rope – I think the idea is that the weighted handles give the ‘motion’ of a skipping rope, without the rope, if that makes sense!

    And I suppose knowing the number of rotations and calories burned may help encourage you to continue!


    LOL, do you already use anything similar? And if so, does it help to motivate you?

  4. Toko Online

    Nice post. I’m from Indonesia. I am a woman of 160cm height and 80kg weight. I thought I was the fattest woman in the world. Some of the exercises I’ve done, fitness and gymnastics. During the last 3 months I was working out with tools similar Ropeless Jump Rope. The result is very satisfactory, my weight is now 55kg. This makes me very proud. Could you give me more information where i can buy this rope?

  5. Jarita

    I am looking for a gadget that would help me train myself. I need something that counts down reps, seconds to where I can hear it. For me it’s like having a personal trainer w/me.

    I have been researching a lot of products online and would like some suggestions. I hope that question is clear for the rep.

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