Healthy Sweet Snacks

Sometimes nothing will do to satisfying a craving than to eat something sweet.

So, if you can make it a little healthier (most of the time) that’s a good thing for your overall health.

Chocolate can be a tempting treat, if you have a sweet tooth, but a short while ago I asked what your favorite sweet fix was in place of chocolate.

Healthy Sweet Snacks

Here are some of the great suggestions I received from those of you who commented on my Facebook page:

  • Anju — raisins.
  • Menekse — a pink Lady apple, or a mango.
  • Taleen — mixed berries.
  • Dorrit — dates, or figs.
  • Jake — dark chocolate… or, raisins, grapes, an orange, apple, strawberries, blackberries, a banana drizzled with a little local honey, fresh pineapple, or a pear.
  • Waseem — I have hot chocolate made with milk.
  • Eppie — natural yogurt with honey or chai.
  • Naomi — fruit, or a yogurt.
  • Cathy — luxury fresh fruit.
  • Jaswinder — Lindt 90% cocoa dark chocolate.

Here are a few of my own suggestions…

  • Take a pealed banana, roll in some lemon juice and a little desiccated coconut, and freeze for at least an hour. Tastes like ice-cream!
  • Peel an apple, and place in a bowel with a small amount of water. Steam in the microwave for a few minutes, and sprinkle with cinnamon to eat.
  • Three squares of dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa) and a few dried apricots eaten together.
  • Chocolatey fruit drops — finely chop a handful of dried fruits, such as dates, apricots, and raisins, mix with some rolled oats, a little cocoa, and a small amount of orange juice to bind, then roll in some coconut to finish.
What healthy sweet snacks do you like to have to satisfy a food craving?

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    1. Melanie

      Another one that I love is frozen grapes. Haven’t done that in a while, but it would be nice on these lovely sunny days we’ve been having lately 🙂

  1. Taleen

    I love the frozen banana option – I frequently did that in Korea in the Summer and I microwave apples here in NI when I want something warm and comforting 🙂

  2. Ana Cecilia

    I love apple pie, but we know it could be a no-no for a diet. So, I slice an apple (you can add lemon juice and let it rest for a while if you have time) and broil it in a pan (no butter!) and sprinkle cinnamon. Serve it hot with granola crumbles. mmm! tastes just like an apple pie!

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