How Much Water Should I Drink?

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Many people ask this question, hoping to hear an answer which will please them… how much water should I drink?

Experts say, as most of us are aware, that we should be drinking 6-8 glasses of water each day.

Most people know this, but few are drinking enough water for the needs of their body.

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And when it comes to losing weight, drinking water rather than soft drinks, fruit juices, and alcohol can really help you lose those extra pounds.

It can also help prevent feelings of hunger, which is often nothing more than your body crying out for more water.

Today’s challenge is to drink more water

Try to eliminate most of the liquid calories you’re getting from sweetened coffee and teas, fruit smoothies, milk, fruit juice, sodas, and other flavored beverages.

Consuming these on a daily basis can really push up your calorie intake.

5 ways you can drink more water today:

  1. Drink a few glasses of water before breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  2. Drink a glass of water before you allow yourself to have caffeinated drinks such as coffee or sodas.
  3. Replace liquid calories with iced water, hot water with lemon and ginger, or unsweetened tea.
  4. When you feel ‘hunger’ between meals try drinking a glass of water first, rather than automatically reaching for a snack.
  5. Carry a bottle of water with you at all times and remind yourself to drink from it!

How will you increase your water intake today?

NEW VISITOR BONUS: Download a Free Guide
How To Lose Weight Fast in 3 Simple Steps (Based on Science).

Great! Where should I send the guide?
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Follow these steps to lose 10 pounds in a week

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Comments 11

  1. Melanie

    Hi Grandma Bunny,
    Yes, that’s a good idea, or have you tried adding a slice of orange, or lime? A few sprigs of mint also works really well.

  2. Lawrence

    Water Toxicity

    Drinking too much water can lead to weight gain, damage your kidneys, disturb your sleep, confusion, psychotic symptoms and even death. How much water you need to drink each day depends on who your are, what you do and where you live. The recommendation is that you only drink additional water when you are thirsty. Please check the references..

    1. Melanie

      I appreciate you sharing those links, Lawrence. It’s always a good idea to go on the color of urine to check hydration if people aren’t sure, wouldn’t you agree with that?

      1. Lawrence

        Hi Melanie. Sorry but I disagree with the colour of urine method as it is vague and does not take into account what a person has been eating or drinking. If your urine is dark because of what you have been consuming then you may be tempted to drink too much water and this can lead to damaging your kidneys. I believe the key is to drink if you are thirsty or eat a piece of fruit. Too much hype has been built up around the need for hydration and many people are just going to far with it. What is the point of having to go to the toilet all the time. Some people have their sleep disturbed due to the need to urinate. Not getting a good night’s sleep is far worse for you and your health. Best wishes…

        1. Melanie

          Hi Lawrence, I speak from personal and professional experience in that recommendation. This is the widely accepted method in hospitals and clinical practice. And I know myself that when I don’t drink enough, urine is much darker in color. I know that some foods can have an effect on the color, but that is less common. I see what you mean about that making people drink too much water, but it is intended to be a guideline, and they need to apply common sense, as with any recommendation they are given concerning their health. Not drinking close to bedtime will be sufficient for most people, so as not to be troubled at night running to the toilet.

          Anyway, I can see we shall agree to disagree on this point 🙂

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