4 Ways To Make Confident Decisions

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Are you the kind of person who simply cannot make a decision on your own? At least, not quickly?

Perhaps you are so indecisive at times you can’t even choose what to eat at breakfast, let alone, be sure of who you’d like to marry, or which house to buy.

If making decisions is difficult for you, you probably find yourself doubting what you should do for the simplest of things, because you’ve lot all confidence in your ability to make good choices.

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It’s frustrating, right? But, it is possible to learn how to make clear, solid decisions, quickly and with ease.

Here are 4 steps to help you make confident decisions

1. Test decisions against your core values

Your core values are the things which make you who you are, they make up your personal rule book, if you like. So, ultimately any decision you make must be in line with these, as that will be the best decision for you.

There will be tricky decisions to make in all areas of your life, and not merely concerning your health. So, when these situations arise, you must ask yourself, “Which of these decisions or choices are in line with that matters most to me?

Sometimes it will be something simple like, “Should I have second helpings of chocolate cake?” for which you already know the answer.

But at other times, these decisions are more complicated and serious, when you must consider things that have happened in your past, or ask yourself how a given decision reflects on your faith, and other values.

Often making decisions based on your core values will not be the simplest choice to make, but because it fits with what’s most important to you, it will always be the best decision.

2. Go with your gut

Some of the decisions you make will be simple day-to-day choices like what you will eat that day. At other times it will be a totally life changing decision, like what to study at university.

I believe there is a certain amount of “going with your gut instinct,” when it comes to making these choices. Intuition is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of stopping and questioning yourself about what the best decision really is.

You see often times, you already know what the answer is, you just haven’t taken the time to realize that, or you don’t trust yourself enough.

3. Weigh up the pros and cons

There’s usually positives and negatives for most decisions you make, and getting all of the facts first can help, before you make any complex decisions.

You need to weigh up which choice will make you better, or indeed worse off.

But, don’t spend ages on this, because it can become another way to procrastinate and put off making that important decision for another while.

4. Respect your doubts

It’s natural to want to avoid change and situations that make you feel out of your comfort zone.

These doubts can actually be helpful in getting you prepared for what’s ahead.

But, you need to realize that some of these doubts and fears can really hinder your progress, and hold you back.

If you find yourself avoiding making decisions, as a way to avoid making a “mistake,” you are allowing your inner fears to dictate what you do, and it is more than likely hindering your success in all areas of your life.

Indecision and second guessing your actions can certainly get you going around in circles, trying to figure out the best course of action.

So, next time you notice yourself having trouble making a decision, big or small, ask yourself, “Which of these decisions or choices are in line with that matters most to me?””

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NEW VISITOR BONUS: Download a Free Guide
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Great! Where should I send the guide?
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  1. Cathy in NZ

    this weekend in NZ is a jackpot Lotto that must be won because it’s so big. So even if no one gets it the people down in the next division will get a share and so on…it was $34million this morning but possibly it has risen!

    everywhere I went this last week; people were talking about winning it. Of course, the Lotto people advertise the top end minimum investment of $12.00 but you can get a lesser ticket for something like $6.00 (just not the buzz thing!)

    am I taking one – well no the odds are pretty darn high…I think something like 1 in 3.8million.

    why am I not taking it…I don’t really know why except that I would prefer to spend my $6.00 on some scrumptious other thing – maybe coffee and cake out; maybe some bauble that will last me longer.

    this is the decision I made this week!

    a win of even 1/34 of it would make a huge difference but I don’t really need it – I manage quite well at my personal level of income…

    yes I know you have to be in to win…but this is not why I made that decision.

    I was using this to see how well I would stand up to general decisions that affect me now and next week…

  2. Connie McKnight

    Melanie, The one I use the most is going with my gut. It doesn’t usually lead me astray. When I stop to second guess myself, I quite often end up making the wrong decision. I think when we use out gut, we are getting the answer that is based on when we are actually supposed to do.


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