5 Ways to Help Your Husband Eat Healthier

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Do you have a guy in your life who simply won’t eat healthy foods?

Many women are trying to encourage their men to follow a healthier lifestyle, but if he’s particularly set in his ways, it can be a major challenge!

What can you do?

Apparently men like to fix things, so why not ask your man for his advice?

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  • Don’t place any blame on him.
  • Let him know you’re concerned about his health.
  • Ask for his suggestions in resolving the problem.

#1 Make it your business to know what he likes

If he likes particular foods, such as salads, vegetables, and nuts, then be sure to serve these regularly, and try to encourage more variety by cooking new foods often.

#2 Make healthy snacks accessible

We all know how easy it is to reach for the chocolate chip cookies, rather than taking time to prepare a healthy snack when hungry. So, if you want your guy to eat healthy, make sure you keep a supply of healthy, ready-to-eat foods, such as grab-and-go granola bars.


  • Make up a large bowl of fruit salad with oranges, kiwi, grapes, mango, apples, strawberries, raspberries, or any combination you prefer.
  • Try freezing bananas, grapes or berries for a different twist to the normal snack.
  • Serve up fresh fruit smoothies for breakfast.
  • Ensure that your fruit bowl is always stocked with fresh delicious looking fruit.


  • Experiment with a variety of raw veg such as carrots, corn, fresh cherry tomatoes, and red peppers served with low fat dips, or even peanut butter.
  • Liven up your salads: blanch broccoli, green beans, or snow peas in boiling water for 1-2 minutes, then plunge them into cold water; drain and toss with a little extra virgin olive oil, a spoonful of balsamic vinegar, and some toasted sesame seeds.
  • Try different cooking methods such as steaming, grilling, BBQ, or roasting as the method of cooking will alter the taste, and may make veggies more acceptable.
  • Puree vegetables, or chop or grate them finely to disguise in baked goods, curries, stews, sauces etc.


  • Spice up breakfast by adding cinnamon, chopped apples, raisins, and flax seeds to oatmeal for a completely different meal.
  • Choose multi-grain breads, muffins, and wholegrain pasta where possible.
  • Experiment with whole barley in casseroles and curries.
  • Try using brown or wild rice instead of white.


  • Try adding peas, beans and lentils to soups, stews, and curries.
  • Serve lean meats (turkey, chicken, beef) and fish regularly (salmon, mackerel, tuna).
  • Try marinating lean meat, fish or chicken in honey, olive oil, then make kebabs with red and green peppers, onions, mushrooms, sweet potato, and grill or BBQ.
  • Top natural yogurt with fresh fruit, and a little honey drizzled on top.
  • Provide snacks of mixed, unsalted nuts.

#3 Take it one step at a time

Gradual changes work better for most people. So, bit by bit increase the number of healthy foods eaten, while at the same time gradually removing unhealthy foods.

#4 Does he like to cook?

If your guy likes to cook now and again, why not set aside a night when you make new recipes together, it could be a fun experience for both of you!

#5 Set a good example

You can have a huge impact on your partner, and your kids, by simply following your own advice to be healthier! So, lead by example, rather than preaching to your guy about what you want him to do!

Granted your partner will need to be open to changing his eating habits. If he’s not ready, you’ll need to recognise that, and step back to allow him time to come to that decision by himself.

I’d love to hear from the guys – what tips do you have for us ladies? How can we encourage our men to eat healthier foods?

NEW VISITOR BONUS: Download a Free Guide
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Great! Where should I send the guide?
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Follow these steps to lose 10 pounds in a week

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Comments 12

  1. Ali from The Office Diet

    Brilliant tips and ideas! I struggle to get my boyfriend to ditch the chocolate bars and fizzy drinks — he does like loads of healthy foods, but tends to go for what’s at hand!

    I think you’ve got some great ideas listed under #2: making a big bowl of fruit salad and keeping it in the fridge definitely works for me, as does serving crudities with low fat dips. Waldorf salad (lettuce, apple, celery, raisins, walnuts) has become one of our favourites, too!

    Ali from The Office Diet’s last blog post..Enjoying your holiday without ruining your diet

  2. Melanie

    Hi Ali,

    Thanks for commenting.

    It’s great that your boyfriend eats healthy food when it’s available, what a bonus! Does he buy the chocolate and drinks himself, or are they mostly eaten from home?

  3. SavoryTv

    Great tips, thanks for posting! I sometimes add a little garlic oil and parmesean to veggies and then my boyfriend will eat them!

    SavoryTv’s last blog post..A simple latin chicken salad video, prepared by Chef Timothy Hughes

  4. Kay

    My boyfriend will pretty much eat anything I make which includes healthy foods, it’s getting him to eat breakfast before work and to pack a lunch instead of going out for lunch eating unhealthy foods and spending money which is the challenge, we are making good progress though. I started making small bags or pre cut ready to go veggies that he says he will eat if they are made. It’s going well except for his brother just moved in with us and he doesn’t eat anything healthy! It’s really hard at the grocery store too. I just wish he knew how his life style needs to change not because i want him to have a beach bod but because i want him to have a full life, and not become obeese! It’s hard because I was a chubby kid and know how much it sucks to have someone tell you that.

    1. Melanie

      Hi Kay, It’s great that your boyfriend has you to encourage him, and also that he is willing to eat healthier foods if you provide them for him. That’s a huge step. Keep up the good work yourself — I always find that leading by example is one of the most motivating ways to encourage another to get heathy.

  5. Amber

    Good tips in your article. However, you are mostly encouraging women to become responsible for their boyfriends diets instead of finding ways to teach their boyfriends to be responsible for it themselves. Who wouldn’t eat healthy if it was put right in front of their face? They are our partners in life, not our children. I want them to act accordingly. Any suggestions?

    1. Melanie

      Hi Amber,
      I take your point, however this is what this article is all about, i.e. you encouraging your man to eat well.

      As I said in the article, our partners need to be open to changing their eating habits. If they aren’t ready there isn’t much you can do until they come to that decision themselves.

      There is loads of advice on this website to help both men and women to eat well, perhaps you could simply direct them over here to check things out. That way, they are taking responsibility themselves 🙂

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