5 Benefits Of Early Morning Workouts

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Do you keep putting off your workouts?

It is a struggle at times, I know!

What we need to do is put some firm habits into action. Getting a regular routine going, with workouts taking place at the same time of the day is essential.

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People who do that tend to stick with it much longer than those who adopt a more sporadic approach.

I know this from personal experience.

So, what’s the perfect time of the day to complete your workout? 

I believe a morning workout is the answer.

5 benefits of an early morning workout

1. Start the day energized

Getting up early to workout is one of the best ways to begin your day. Exercise gives you an energy boost, and those feel-good endorphins will have you in a “happy place” for a least a few hours!

I know, I know, great in theory, but how do you implement this every day?

If morning isn’t normally your thing, try to push through this barrier — set goals, work on the old “positive mental attitude”, and eat a healthy, wholesome diet.

These will help, but it will still be difficult at times — you need to make a resolve to stick with this long enough to experience the benefits. When you do, it will become easier to continue.

2. Rev up your metabolism

Having a high metabolic rate is important for everyone, but tuning it up a few notches is even more important, if you are trying to lose or maintain weight.

Obviously, any exercise you do will be beneficial in boosting metabolism, but by getting your workout over and done with first thing in the morning, you are giving yourself the best chance of seeing that result.

The exercises you choose should be a combination of aerobic exercise, which make you breathe more heavily, and strength training exercising, which tones your muscles.

Remember, the harder you work your body, the faster your metabolic rate will be.

3. Prevent distractions

If motivation to workout is a big problem for you, preventing those inevitable distractions is important.

You may have the best intentions in the world to get your workout done later in the day, but then life happens!

Meetings run late, your kids need picked up from school, the ironing is calling you, your neighbour drops by for a long chat. Whatever it is, it’s probably legit, but your workout just keeps getting pushed aside.

However, exercising first thing in the morning means that these other factors don’t have a chance to hold you back.

4. Improved mental outlook

Working out in the morning improves your entire mental outlook. That’s fact!

Why? Well, one reason is that you feel good because you’ve already done something positive for your body, before most people are out of bed, and so you don’t want to ‘wreak’ your progress by eating junk food later in the day.

When you get to the end of the day, you’ve made healthy choices, and you feel positive about what you’ve done (rather than feeling ‘flat’ all day)… that’s fantastic for your self-confidence and belief in your ability to get healthy.

5. It’s peaceful

Many people find their early morning workouts are something they actually look forward to — imagine that!

Mornings are often a quiet time, with fewer people on the road, which is nice if you like to walk or run, or if you go to the gym, there’s much less bustle.

This can be your time, which is set aside to do something good for you, with no distractions. It’s also an opportunity to think, plan your day, or just mentally prepare for what’s ahead, rather than stumbling out of bed late and hassled.

The key to a good workout is really about finding a time when your energy levels are at their best. It’s also about exercising consistently, because you’ve found something that fits well with your lifestyle.

For me, the biggest benefit of an early morning workout is, that it gets it out of the way before distractions have a chance to convince me that’s I’ve something better to do!

Now, I’m off to put this all into practice 😉

Have you tried exercising first thing? Share your tips or struggles below…

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” ~ Ben Franklin

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NEW VISITOR BONUS: Download a Free Guide
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Follow these steps to lose 10 pounds in a week

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Comments 59

  1. Dev

    I set myself up to fail everytime I think about exercising in the morning – at least during the work week. First, I rarely get up in time. Second – I have one of those complexions that stays red for hours after a workout. I do better exercising after work – just because I know I can fit it in.

  2. Cathy in NZ

    my health and daytime study issues have made things a whole more difficult…

    last Semester, as you already know, the whole of Uni study stuff went pearshaped and the advice was to edit and cut everything un-necessary of my life – that included the daily walk downtown to the train station – the energy wasn’t available at ALL.

    this Semester should have been better but I think it will take the rest of the year for things to be completely revived. I have instead used portion control and healthy eating to keep things in check and ‘rest’ between heavy bouts of anything…

    i have balance difficulties at the best of times…so getting up early and walking in the dark or wet, uneven pavements etc is not necessarily my friend 🙁 and there are not enough pennies in my current situation to attempt a gym…

    just in the last week I got back into my ‘dancing to music mode’ so maybe that will have to do for now :-)…summer is supposed to be on the way as well!
    .-= Cathy in NZ´s last blog ..I love unusual researching! =-.

    1. Melanie

      It’s not for everyone, Cathy, that’s for sure. But, any workout is fine, it doesn’t have to be outdoors or at a gym, home workouts are equally as good in terms of money, convenience and also the workout itself.

    1. Melanie

      Night shifts must be pretty tough on your routine as a whole. Any tips on keeping up with healthy eating and exercise? Or, what do you find most challenging?

  3. Laura

    Hey Melanie – I started doing a morning workout routine last week because I have a hard time fitting it in any other time of the day. BUT this morning I set my alarm to go off and I could NOT get my butt out of bed! AND some mornings when I did get up and exercise…I didn’t have much energy to really push it and give my workout the best I could. I have heard you should eat something with protein like an hour before you workout but that would mean I would have to get up at 5 am! and eat and then wait til 6 to workout…that’s pretty darn early!

    Can you tell me what I can do to help me get up in the mornings? I usually go to bed at 10. And what can I do to get the most out of my workouts?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Melanie

      Hi Laura,
      My advice would usually be go to bed earlier, but you say you go at 10, which is pretty early for most people. Are you getting over to sleep at 10, or are you reading, etc? Perhaps it is your diet? I can’t say without knowing what you eat, but often that’s a reason for feeling low in energy.

      In terms of eating something with protein, an ounce and a half of nuts or seeds could work wonders for you — very handy and quick. Also make sure you are drinking enough water.

      Other than that, perhaps another time of day would be better for you… I understand that morning really isn’t best for everyone. Perhaps lunchtime would work better for you? I know you said you have a hard time fitting it in, but if you continue to have low energy, perhaps something else will work better for you. I think this would be last case scenario, though.

  4. Mark

    I shifted to a morning workout schedule about two years ago, and found it much easier to maintain than an afternoon or evening schedule. I eat breakfast as soon as I get up (usually high soluble-fiber cereal, fruit, lowfat milk plus whey protein supplement), which gives me additional energy when I start my workout an hour later. Even though I have to get up early, I find that I’m looking forward to the workout when I go to bed at night!

  5. noreen

    i really miss my morning workousts. job has be leaving at 5:30. i need to fit a video in the am. or the elptical.. i will make a commitment to do this at least 2x next week, and increasing x ongoing.. Question. can i do a total body video EVERY morning. ???

  6. John

    I also believe that working out in the morning is a good idea simply because it’s the best way to ensure your workout gets done.

    A lot of changes can happen during your day and you may miss out on your evening workout. So, get it over with early.

  7. Joe

    Wow. #3 is so true. About a year ago, I stopped working out first thing in the morning and started trying to go at lunch instead. Although I do make it during lunch often, there are so many more distractions that can lead me away.

    Thanks for the motivating article. I’m going to make an effort to go back to morning workouts!

  8. fitness and diet

    thanks for the article,
    I became a passion to try and get up earlier. because this year I have some bad habits (sleeping late), so it can not get up early. because if bad habits persist, I fear will adversely affect my health.
    I thought this article very useful.

  9. Ren

    I always go for a run first thing in the morning before work. There’s no one around, I can listen to my music, and it’s all about me. It sets my day off right, I’m more likely to make healthy food choices for the day, and I just feel good about myself. Love those endorphins! I never manage to work out at the end of the day. I can always think of a reason to put it off! This way, I can come home and laze around, guilt free. 😀

    1. Melanie

      Love it Ren… you are so right, there’s nothing like getting out first thing in the morning to exercise. When I lived in Australia I did that often, mostly as it was too hot later in the day, and also because I lived near the sea, which was incredibly beautiful first thing… agh blissful!!

      1. Dan J

        Hi mel (Dan from above)

        I’m crocked at the moment with my knee playing up again (Old ruptured ligament thing), but I am only a mornings person for this. Anything else and you have to use dynamite to get me out usually.

        Also by doing it in the mornings you haven’t had time to pile any rubbish or too much caffeine into your body to slow you down.


  10. HBOSS

    Hi Mel, great Website and I’m impressed with your Articles!

    They provide an excellent reminder to many of us about good basic principles for maintaining a healthy B.M.S – ready to handle the complexities of everyday life.

    I suffer from minor psoriasis which is generally considered to be an auto immune disorder where an over active immune system re-creates skin cells at an excessive rate. We who have this annoying skin issue know what is good for it and what the causes and triggers often are. Stress, lifestyle and eating habits being key.

    Clearly exercise is important for reducing stress, physical and mental such as stretches and meditation. Sticking to an alkali based diet as opposed to acidic being very important as well right? I’m trying to increase my vitamin e intake, going to use a ‘green drink’ product to help with this (GV). I do love juiced carrots nearly every morning.

    One difficultly is that if your occupation provides you two cooked meals a day at a fairly high quality level chances are it’s packed with sugar and preservatives. It all tastes so good, with these rich favours and salads that are saturated in dressings but they are so not that good for one.

    How about getting back to the basics chefs! Whole foods and ingredients that we actually require : )

    Any of your thoughts, advice would certainly be appreciated, thanks.

  11. psychobee

    I am one of those who’s been getting up early to exercise for years now and actually looks forward to it. It does take me half an hour and a gallon of hot black coffee to just get conscious in the morning but then it’s worth it. I normally exercise vigorously for about 60 minutes between 6 and 7 a.m. I go for runs, do spinning, interval or plyometric training, or something that includes the tabata protocol or anything else I feel like. Often I practice ashtanga yoga. Sometimes I power walk to the top of the nearby mountain. Sometimes I run around the lake -10K – or climb stairs, lift weights, skip rope or get on my trampoline. The choices are endless. Then a hot shower, and out the door. There is no need to apply make-up, as by this time my cheeks are naturally flushed from the exertion. But what is more important is that I feel physically and mentally ready to take on another working day and all that it entails, horrid drivers, traffic jam, pollution and back stabbing co-workers. I take it on with a big smile on my face, too.

  12. Irene @ H.E.S.H.

    Nice blog! I totally agree with this. I for one have been doing early morning exercises for quite some time now and base on what I observe, I feel better when I exercise in the morning. I have more energy for the whole day and in the long term I feel healthier.

  13. Ana Pomposo

    This article is so motivating!
    For me it`s difficult to wake up in the mornings to work out but when I tried I felt as you say much more confident with myself, healthier and had more energy.
    All of us should reconsider…what else gives you the chance of feeling better, happier and healthier?

  14. Justin R. Douglas

    I would say from my experiences working out first thing in the morning does exactly what you have stated. Also I find that playing sports is a great fun way to work out. My favorite workouts that I look forward to weekly is when I play basketball. In basketball you workout a lot of different things at the same time, and it is great cordio!

    1. Melanie

      Hi Justin, It’s great that you’ve found a form of exercise which you love. That’s the secret to making it work for you, and keeping at it.

  15. Mikel Lito

    As with most things, it’s a good idea to start things slowly and gently. A very gently jog for a few minutes, followed by some static stretching. Half the battle is getting out of bed, but once you’re up I think you can be proud of your achievements. I’ve just written a post on the same subject in fact. It covers mostly how I manage to get out 3 times a week to train.

    1. Melanie

      Hi Mikel, I know what you mean. Once you’re done, you do feel so good though… pity you couldn’t bottle that feeling, lol

  16. Cara Phillipo

    Great Post! Exercise in the morning is always the best gift I could give myself. It makes my days so much better.
    I love all the reasoning that you give and will share this with friends.

  17. Healthy Jon!

    I cannot seem to get going in the morning. I know I should, but my whole body seems to simply protest! I always exercise in the evening, sometimes very late, around 10pm. In fact the other night I was not finished until gone midnight. The key is, to just do something, no matter how late in the day.

  18. Chad Anderson

    #3 is definitely a big one. The longer is the day you go without exercising, the more time you give excuses and distractions to creep in. Do it first thing and get it out of the way. Then you don’t have to worry about making time later.

  19. Greta

    I love working out in the mornings! It gets my day off to a powerful start and makes a noticeable in my attitude all day long. I’ve also noticed I’m sleeping better, my metabolism is a lot faster, and my skin has cleared up. It’s also a lot easier to fit it in as well as awesome motivation to get up early and get going with my life. It really helps my attitude stay active throughout the day.

  20. Jackie

    This was a nice article to read. I plan to share it with my workout buddy. 🙂

    I just started a morning workout routine this week. I think the difficult part right now is changing my sleeping habit and my routine. I have to be in bed earlier in order to get enough sleep in for the 4:30 am wake up call. I only have about three or four hours after work to get in errands, family time, and dinner. It’s those reasons why I do not have time to workout in the evenings, so the mornings really are my only options. It’s part of the life changes I am making to better my health.

    Thanks for sharing your experience!

  21. snail-lady

    I love morning workouts. They say when u first start you need to give yr body a two to three weeks adjustment period. Let’s face it if you aren’t used to getting up that early, let alone being active, yr body will be in shock! I do both, but only so I can run with a running club at least once a week. Plus it probably is harder to workout first thing as your muscles aren’t warmed up like they are at the end of the day.

    Its not for everyone but I,d be lost without my 630am runs!

  22. Jamie

    Another benefit – working out first thing in the morning encourages greater weight loss because glycogen stores are low after fasting during a night’s sleep, so the body is forced to metabolize fat sooner. Working out later in the day means food eaten throughout the day has replenished glycogen stores that will likely fuel most, if not all, of the workout.

  23. workout routines

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  24. Christina

    What makes me full of energy from the very morning is Military Grade nutritional supplements. These products contain a bunch of vitamins and other natural compounds which effectively refill energy supply. Their pre-workoput formula quickly brings me up, so I am ready to workout as soon as I wake up.

  25. Sea

    I’ve just started working out in the mornings before work. As much as my body sometimes decides it wants to “be heavy” and not work, I try and push through it.

    But it does give me a great start to the day and all of the above you have said in the article beems true for me.

    It also reduces the time i have to spend on the bus to and from work as I suffer travel sickness on the bus. My gym is halfway to work so I can drive halfway!

    I’m only my second week in, but I hope I can keep it up!

  26. Mark

    Looking back at my post from over two years ago, it’s hard to believe so much time has passed. The morning workouts have continued to be motivating to me for over four years, and my health (as measured by yearly in-depth physicals) have improved each year!
    No question that getting in a workout before all the other daily demands has been a key contributor to that personal success.

  27. Christine

    Any suggestions for a good morning workout routine that I can incorporate into my morning schedule? One that isn’t nerve wrecking but exercises all the major parts of your body…

  28. Mary

    Good article. Part of getting into a healthy lifestyle is just using self-control. Changes are not easy to make but well worth the effort

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  30. Desiree

    I just did my FIRST morning workout and wow! Can I say I feel amazing! ? Lol. Best morning I’ve had in a very long time! 🙂

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