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The Path To Your Dream Body

Now is your time. Today is your day.

What You Get Today

  • DROPS – Get the complete multimedia 5 module training system. Video makes learning easier and faster.

  • CUSTOMIZATION – With DROPS you get access to my help. As a Registered Dietitian I can customize your plan according to your needs, regardless of allergies or dislikes. I will hand-hold you every step of the way if necessary.

  • FORUM ACCESS – With DROPS you get access to the private community forum. Here you will get loads of tips, encouragement, advice, and motivation.

  • BONUS – Quickstart Diet & Exercise Guide. Enables you to get started within minutes.

  • BONUS – Cooking on a Shoestring Budget. Discover tips and strategies that will save you hundreds/month.

  • BONUS – Menu Planning Made Easy. Visit the food store just once a week, take 30 minutes, and get all you need.

  • BONUS – 56 Video Instructional Exercise Package. Exercises shown on video by an instructor that may be helpful if you’re not familiar with proper form.

  • BONUS – Kettlebell Total Body Fitness Package. Kettlebells are a great way for effective exercise. These videos will show you how to use them to burn fat fast.

Total Worth – Over $800

What You Get In A Few Weeks

  • Feel more confident. Following DROPS will inevitably kickstart and boost your confidence levels, which will only increase as you see the weight drop off.

  • Feel better about yourself. All that shame and guilt attached to being overweight will be a thing of the past once you become a Diet Rebel following DROPS. You’re even likely to reduce feelings of depression.

  • Look more attractive. Whether it’s vanity or not, being overweight never compliments us. DROPS will get you looking your beautiful best.

  • Increase your energy and vitality. The science behind, not just the way of eating, but other strategic life habits, will have a dramatic impact on your energy levels. You will feel it within the first few days.

  • Be more active with your family. Time with your kids and your spouse will be infinitely improved when you get your mojo back, which is exactly what following DROPS will do for you.

  • Re-ignite your passion for LIFE! Once you take control of this area of your like, you will begin to believe you can do other things. Whether it’s in your job, community, or family, you’ll have the courage and self-confidence to take on all of life’s challenges and fulfil your ambitions.

Total Worth – PRICELESS!

A True Story

Let me tell you a little bit about Ruth, one of the first people who came looking for my help. Her experience with weight loss is very common…

Ruth was your typical dieter. After two kids, she could never keep the weight off no matter what she tried. And boy did she try. The Cabbage Soup Diet, Weight Watchers, the Egg Diet, Fit For Life, Atkins, and many more!

This inevitably led to negative self-image, guilt, and utter despair.

I remember when she first came to me. To be honest, I was a little afraid DROPS would be just another failure for her, adding to her misery.

But, after losing 17lbs and 6 inches off her waist in a few weeks, Ruth eventually got to her lowest weight in 30 years!


What Real Rebels Are Saying

Most Rebels are shy and aren’t the type of people who like to draw attention to themselves wearing bikinis on the net, but here’s what they say…

I am loving this program. I have been on here looking at all of the wonderful stories of the successes and I am feeling more motivated than ever.”

Victoria, USA

“I’m so thankful, Melanie, that you have been gifted to work this plan out. It has made a massive difference in my life since last October!”

Shirley, UK

“even after 1 day I feel better already. Thank you for all your help and encouragement.”

Daphne, UK

“I started out 154 pounds in weight, and I am down to 138 pounds, and I have 33 cms off!!

Hilary, UK

Insider Video Tour

This is a video specifically for members to show them how to use the membership area. But it might give you an idea of what to expect…

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

I know you’ve probably tried other things before. After a few days you realized it wasn’t for you, but you couldn’t get your money back. I don’t want that to happen…

You have my guarantee that you will lose stomach fat and/or have an improved flatter stomach in 60 Days!

I’m not going to lie to you. You may not have a perfectly lean stomach in 60 days. It really depends on how much abdominal fat that you have to lose. However, what I can guarantee is that if you apply these techniques you will definitely lose significant stomach fat.

If you don’t, for whatever reason, ask for your money back within 60 days and I’ll return every cent. Even if you didn’t try it!! There’s literally ZERO RISK.


Tiny One-time Fee.
Mega Life-time Support.

Just $89. Relaunch sale only $49!!
There's literally no risk with my 60 day 'any excuse' money-back guarantee!

Want DROPS as ebook only and without forum support?
Click here! It’s only $29. Relaunch sale only $19!

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