3 Ways To A Healthier Relationship With Food

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When we think about some of the wonderful people in our lives, friends obviously come to mind right away.

Friendship could be defined as the friendly feelings or disposition we have towards another person. The very definition of a friend suggests positive vibes.

I suppose it is a word which suggests a supportive and uplifting bond.

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So, what has this got to do with our eating habits?

Well, I was thinking about the relationship that many people have with food, and it is certainly not a healthy one.

You’ve probably never compared the two, but imagine if the relationship you have with your best friend was similar to your relationship with food — perhaps you could see that it was time to rekindle a healthier friendship with food? 🙂

3 Ways To A Healthier Relationship With Food

1. Don’t Criticize

Think of how you speak of your closest friends. For the most part, you probably say nice things to them, try to encourage and uplift them, and show your love to them where possible.

What would it mean if you were constantly criticizing them? Time for news friends, perhaps?

If you are constantly bashing the food you eat, perhaps you need to reevaluate exactly what you are eating. Then, find foods which you can be proud of eating, rather than feeling wracked with guilt over your choices.

Remember, the food you eat sustains your very being. Don’t allow negativity to creep into this area of your life, also.

Eating should be a positive experience.

2. Pay Attention

Have you ever been chatting to someone on the phone, but you keep getting interrupted by them talking to someone else on the other end? It’s extremely annoying!

The constant distraction can leave you feeling unappreciated, as if you aren’t important enough to focus on for a mere 5 minutes.

Well, many of us do the very same at mealtimes, by watching TV, surfing the net, or doing something else while we are eating.

This takes our attention away from the food that is in front of us.

Remember, by paying attention to what you eat, you create an more engaging experience, which reduces your chance of overeating, and leads to a more satisfying meal.

3. Make Time

I was appalled listening to my local radio station yesterday, as an MP tried to justify his plate of fries for lunch, because of his “extremely busy schedule.”

Now, I’m not saying you can’t ever eat fries, but I found it rather irritating that he wouldn’t take responsibility for his food choices, and blamed being busy, and even his dear wife’s cooking.

We are all busy, but we must make time for our own health. It should certainly not be seen as an optional extra.

As I listened to this MP, what Edward Stanley said immediately came to mind,

Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.

This can also be related to what you eat. If you don’t make the time now to eat well, you will pay for it somehow in the future. And, that “future” could be sooner than you think!

Have you ever found yourself staying longer than you intended at a friend’s house, neglecting other things which need to be done, simply because you were enjoying their company so much?

While it is true that cooking healthy meals can be time-consuming, the effort is worthwhile in the long-run, just as it is to spend time with our friends.

Think of how much healthier you would feel if you consistently ate well. Less time spent feeling lethargic, and having to take time off work due to sickness — that means more productivity in all areas of your life.

Don’t forget to take 15 minutes to sit down, taste and enjoy what you are eating at each main meal, too.

Like I mentioned above, paying attention to what you eat leads to a more satisfying meal. And, as you would give your full attention to a friend who needs your advice, giving mealtimes your undivided attention will help you to feel more rewarded and satisfied.

What ways do you maintain a healthy relationship with food?

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Great! Where should I send the guide?
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Comments 7

  1. cathy in NZ

    I have never thought of food and eating quite in that way…interesting concept.

    My new vege garden survived it’s first night out with snails and slugs – even though I did cover of one lot that was easy to do! I gave everything but the marigolds a collar – constructed mainly from old plastic pots; maybe that helped.

    I am so looking forward to having to harvest things and then knowing that I grew them, and what they ‘ate’ etc…it’s been a very long time since I had this type of garden!

    maybe that could equate somehow to your relationship 🙂

    1. Melanie

      It’s so rewarding to grow your own produce. That’s something else I’d love to get into more, and also to have a few chickens for eggs!! 🙂

  2. cathy in NZ

    the other week, I was out talking & caring for my plants and found a tiny weeny zucchino (courgette) had sprouted…now more are on the way.

    apparently what is keep my slug/snails away is the marigolds but they are confined to the 2nd plot.

    the rainbow chard is starting to stand up and be counted and 4 of the 5 tomatoes are doing well.

    next week I’m going to get some spinach and maybe something else…

    I don’t have room for chickens…anyway my new family of blackbirds wouldn’t like it. ok she only has one baby but it was cute to watch them this morning as she raced around the yard finding food for said baby 🙂

    1. Melanie

      Your garden sounds perfect, Cathy. We have a little robin, which comes to the window to get food, and recently the squirrels have started eating the nuts which are left out for them. It’s so nice to see the wildlife!

  3. Cathy in NZ

    We have neither bird/animal you have…no squirrels whatsoever. Birds though, just not robins.

    I have now eaten 2 zucchini off my plant, tasty as. I saw I have one tiny wee tomato on one of my plants and my chard is definitely being eaten. I just planted some spinach – the sort that is “pick/come again”

    I bought some potting mix and am going to revamp most of my ornamental other plants…

    Weather is heating up, although we still having early morning strange weather…

    My exercising is now well under way…I don’t really want to be out there pounding the streets but it’s saving taking more pills/portions 🙂

    NZ cities/shopping madness right now and then it will be “dead” as 75% of pop leave the City 🙂 🙂 Hope you have a lovely Xmas with your family…you are taking care of yourself as a new is on the horizon and your DH remembers that he is a new man/fitness wise 🙂

    1. Melanie

      Aw… thanks so much for your well-wishes Cathy. I am only getting around to responding now, but I really appreciate your thoughtfulness, and your input to the blog over the years. Best wishes in 2012 x

  4. Cathy in NZ

    no problems on late replies…we do what we can, when we can.

    my courgettes have gone mad, to a point where I’m gifting them! of course, our weather pattern has gone completely to wet, damp, mist, drizzle and I think my plants just think “well lets just get on with growing!” nice to have the fresh veg from my personal garden with no sprays or chemicals though.

    also the chard has been busy…the tomatoes are not ripe yet but there are some reasonable sized green ones doing their thing…

    I have been revamping my fuel consumption and doing more in the kitchen, but yesterday a disaster – still edible just not all that great. I have just eaten some sliced up muffins, dry fried but the problem is that I have also had to eat some “paper”

    Yes that’s right paper baking cups remnants…I now know how to make an excellent paper glue from courgette and carrot mix!!!!

    the recipe I used, from a famous NZ cookery expert failed to mention some technique with the courgettes!!! bummer but hey learnt something myself…

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