8 Ways to Beat Summer Workout Lazyitis

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In winter most of us complain it’s too cold to exercise outdoors, then when summer comes round we find ourselves moaning it’s too hot!

If your motivation to exercise gets a bit flat-lined at this time of year, here are 8 of my best tips to help you stick with your workout routine, despite the hot weather:

1. Adjust your priorities

The simple fact is, if you truly value something, you’ll do it.

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So, rather than putting working out as the last thing on your to-do list, make it one of your top priorities.

This way you will somehow find the time.

2. Set specific goals

If you normally say to yourself, “I’m going to exercise more,” but find you struggle to do just that, instead say to yourself, “I’m going to get up at 7.30 am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to walk for 30 minutes before work.”

This is much better because it’s specific, clear, and achievable.

3. Check the map

If your usual workout route leaves you boiling in the hot sun or soaking wet because of the rain (if you live in the UK!!), find an alternative route or place to workout.

Perhaps indoors would be better, or maybe earlier/later in the day?

4. Try a different surface

Working out on asphalt or concrete can be tough in summer because these surfaces tend to radiate heat and reflect the sun’s rays, making you feel hotter.

As an alternative you could try a dirt or gravel path, or perhaps grass or sand.

Another great idea is to take advantage of any lakes or sea nearby. The surroundings can be so refreshing, not to mention the advantage of a breeze to keep you cooler.

5. Cover your head

When your head gets too hot it can be extremely difficult to keep up with a strenuous exercise routine.

A good solution is to wear a mesh visor to keep the sun off your face, but at the same time allow the heat to escape from your head.

6. Use essential oils

I have to say this is one I’ve never tried, but I think it could be worth giving a go.

Minna Lessig, creator of the Tank Top Arms, Bikini Belly, Boy Shorts Bottom DVD, says putting a few drops of peppermint or eucalyptus oil on the back of your neck and at your temples, just before you head out for a workout provides a cooling effect, and it also opens up your nasal passages, helping you to breathe a little easier.

In fact, research has found that athletes who sniffed peppermint during their workout ran faster, had greater grip strength, and could do more push-ups than those who didn’t.

7. Include some intervals

When it’s really hot outside it can be difficult to keep up with your regular routine.

So, do whatever you normally do at a slightly slower pace, with the addition of 30-second bursts every 5 minutes to keep the intensity high enough to be beneficial.

8. Make other activities count

Even though the temperature’s soaring outside you probably still have a ton of other things to get done.

Remember, activities such as washing the car, gardening, mowing the lawn, or walking the dog are burning calories too, so put as much energy into them as you can muster to make sure they count as well.

It’s also extremely important to keep well hydrated in the hot weather, so do fill up with fluids before you head out into the sun, and take some water with you as well.

What are your tips for working out in the summer?

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Great! Where should I send the guide?
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Follow these steps to lose 10 pounds in a week

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