body mass index

The Big Lie Called BMI

CoachMel Answers 10 Comments

Even if you don’t know precisely what it is, or how it’s worked out, I’ll hazard a guess that you’ve heard about body mass index, or BMI before. If you’ve ever had a health check with your doctor or dietitian, they probably made a note of your BMI. They may even have used it as ‘evidence’ in their case to …

10 Week Body Makeover: Week 5 Results

Armen Weight Loss Tips 7 Comments

Well, I tried something different this week. I cut out most of the specialised cardio workouts in my regimen, and focused on building muscle groups. The overall measurements (which Mel did again for me this morning; see results below), show some significant positive changes. However, it didn’t effectively burn fat from my mid-section. This was something I knew was a …

10 Week Body Makeover: Week 3 Results

Armen Weight Loss Tips 6 Comments

Although some would argue to the contrary, losing fat when you’re obese is generally pretty easy. However, toning up and stripping the last of the fat is a slower, more difficult process with much smaller degrees of progress. That’s where I’m beginning to get to now as I enter into the fourth week. I said last week that I would …

10 Week Body Makeover: Week 2 Results

Armen Weight Loss Tips 8 Comments

Would you believe another week has past, and I’ve now completed two weeks of my 10 week body makeover plan that I’m on. To refresh your memory, this is a nutrition and exercise plan that Melanie and I put together to help me get into the shape I’m supposed to be at twenty-eight years of age! The nutrition plan has …

10 Week Body Makeover: Week 1 Results

Armen Weight Loss Tips 13 Comments

Most of us know that weight loss is simply a matter of consistent calorie deficit, i.e. you burn more calories than you consume. It’s simple science. However, maintaining a calorie deficit while carrying out your daily life is often the real challenge. No one can function right if they have perpetual hunger pangs!

10 Week Body Makeover: The Starting Point

Armen Weight Loss Tips 12 Comments

Okay, as much as I hate doing this, as part of my accountability to you, I’m going to upload videos of my progress. I say ‘hate’ because of the fear of coming across like some vain, self-absorbed idiot. But, I feel it’s the best way to be accountable, note progress (or lack of it) and be helpful to you if …

How Much Do Genes Determine Body Shape?

CoachMel Answers 9 Comments

Have you ever wondered what you will look like when you get older? I’ve heard of guys who’ve taken into consideration what their partner’s mum looks like before proposing. It may be shallow, but it’s true! So, do genetics really play a big part in determining the body shape you’ll end up with? Or, is lifestyle a stronger predictor of …