Should You Exercise Before Eating Breakfast?

It’s another of those much debated topics. In one camp they say you should never exercise on an empty stomach because it can lead to muscle wasting and exercise burn out. But, in the other camp there are those who swear by working out before eating anything. In the past I’ve generally encouraged eating something small before exercising, however I’ve swayed …

CoachMelShould You Exercise Before Eating Breakfast?

14 Ways To Be More Active {Readers Tips}

Some of you will remember I asked if you would share your best tip for maintaining an active lifestyle. You came up with some really super answers, and I decided to put them together into an article, so that everyone can benefit from your wisdom. How To Be More Active 1. Nell on making time for yourself My best tip …

CoachMel14 Ways To Be More Active {Readers Tips}

What A 100-Year-Old Marathoner Can Teach You About Stickability

Sometimes we find ourselves making excuses as to why we don’t exercise. One of these excuses may be that we are “too heavy,” “too unfit,” or even “too old” to take part. If you’ve found yourself using any of these in the past, deep down you probably know they are little more than an excuse. My husband came across an …

CoachMelWhat A 100-Year-Old Marathoner Can Teach You About Stickability

Does Exercise Curb Appetite?

Doctors and scientists have known for years that regular exercise can help us lose weight. Unfortunately though, it’s not a sure thing. Many people exercise regularly, but still struggle to get the weight off and keep it off. So what’s going on? Moderate Exercise Stimulates Appetite It turns out that exercise, especially moderate exercise, such as walking, light jogging or …

CoachMelDoes Exercise Curb Appetite?

How To Be Healthy

I spoke recently at a local ladies meeting on the subject of looking after ourselves from the inside out. We had a lovely evening of pampering, which included demonstrations on making face masks from ingredients in your own kitchen, as well as foot massages, manicures, facial treatments, and finally my talk. I thought it would be good to share some …

CoachMelHow To Be Healthy

How To Avoid A Cold This Fall

I’ve already noticed quite a few people on Facebook mentioning they have a cold, and it’s not even officially fall yet. So, why does the common cold occur more frequently during the fall (autumn) and winter months? It’s actually not the cold weather itself which causes the cold, as some people think. But rather, it is most likely to be caused …

CoachMelHow To Avoid A Cold This Fall

5 Ways Dieters Sabotage Themselves

You’re smart and well informed about lots of things in life, so why is it so tough for you to stay fit and healthy? You may have lots of excuses, and no doubt you have a heap of challenges facing you, but don’t let these excuses be your reason for not achieving your health goals. We certainly have unlimited access …

CoachMel5 Ways Dieters Sabotage Themselves