A Message To Women On Body Image

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Let’s imagine you and I are sitting face-to-face right now, no-one else is there, and I ask you to give me one word to describe your body… what would you say? I mean, the very first thing that pops into your mind. Perhaps you might say ‘imperfect,’ ‘fat,’ ‘frumpy,’ ‘wobbly,’ or even ‘disgusting.’ This word may even roll off your …

3 Reasons Getting Skinny Is The Wrong Motive

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It seems like every other person wants to lose weight these days, but focussing too much on getting “skinny” can actually detract from your ability to lose weight. Perhaps you’ve been there — it seems like no matter how hard you try, the weight just won’t budge, even though you feel like you’re doing everything “right”. Believe it or not, …

body mass index

The Big Lie Called BMI

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Even if you don’t know precisely what it is, or how it’s worked out, I’ll hazard a guess that you’ve heard about body mass index, or BMI before. If you’ve ever had a health check with your doctor or dietitian, they probably made a note of your BMI. They may even have used it as ‘evidence’ in their case to …