7 Ways To Make Breakfast Better

Mums are usually right about most stuff, aren’t they? Well, research shows us there’s certainly one thing mum got right, and that is just how important a good breakfast is each morning. Eating a substantial, nutrient-filled breakfast is one of the best ways to ward off unhealthy food cravings, keep your weight under control, and also eliminate the fatigue we …

CoachMel7 Ways To Make Breakfast Better

How To Avoid A Cold This Fall

I’ve already noticed quite a few people on Facebook mentioning they have a cold, and it’s not even officially fall yet. So, why does the common cold occur more frequently during the fall (autumn) and winter months? It’s actually not the cold weather itself which causes the cold, as some people think. But rather, it is most likely to be caused …

CoachMelHow To Avoid A Cold This Fall

What Are Probiotics?

Most of us have heard that probiotics are “good” for us. But why? And what are the best sources? Down through the years, people around the world have used fermented foods to promote their health. Whether it’s fermented vegetables, fermented yogurt or kefir, it’s been known for centuries that good bacteria is, well, good for us! So, you might be …

CoachMelWhat Are Probiotics?

Top 5 Unhealthy “Diet” Foods

There are some so-called foods which I really don’t think any of us should be eating, at least not on a regular basis. And, I know for a fact there are lots of dietitians and other health care professionals out there who will wholeheartedly disagree with me on some of these foods. However, I read a vast array of material, …

CoachMelTop 5 Unhealthy “Diet” Foods

Benefits of Greek Yogurt vs Regular Yogurt: What’s The Difference?

One of my readers, Bill Nad, from Fitness Tips For Life, asked a great question a while ago about Greek yogurt, which I thought we’d take a look at here today. Bill said, My wife also eats Greek yogurt, which is really high in protein, but she does not like the taste of it. It would be interesting to do …

CoachMelBenefits of Greek Yogurt vs Regular Yogurt: What’s The Difference?