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Sometimes I get annoyed listening to people talking about the latest diet trends, or something strange they are trying out to improve their health.

I don’t get annoyed so much with the person, as I do with the source of their information.

It’s usually some random magazine article or website, spouting the same old rubbish, which makes little sense when you attempt to read between the lines.

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My husband says it’s good to be passionate about what you believe in, but I think I border on ranting at times 😉

6 Weight Loss Rants

Perhaps you are guilty of some of these, or they annoy you, too, but here are six of my weight loss rants…

1. Waging War On Your Body

You say you’re 20 pounds over your ideal weight, but you need to realize is that that “ideal” weight you have in mind was 30 years ago!

You may have raised 4 kids, and gone through menopause since then, so be realistic with yourself, and set goals which you can achieve.

Instead of being at war with your body, why not spend more time appreciating all of the great things it has done for you over the years.

It’s okay to want to lose weight if you need to, but do so for the right reasons, i.e. to improve the quality of your life, rather than trying to fit into those size zero jeans you’ve held onto for years.

2. It’s Just Cake

I recommending avoiding unhealthy foods most of the time. However, it’s okay to eat so-called unhealthy food sometimes, too.

It irritates me so much when someone passes comment when they see me eating cake…

Yes, I am a dietitian. Yes, I do sometimes eat cake. And yes, of course I enjoy it. You can’t make me feel guilty about it!

I mean, give me a break, it’s JUST A PIECE OF CAKE, and it is fine to have a little now and then. Stop giving it so much power.

3. How Did You Get Fat?

Some of the low-carbers out there really bug me going on about cutting carbs, including those found in fruits.

If you’re overweight, are you honestly trying to tell me you got that way eating fruit?

I think not!

Fruit is good for you and you should eat it, but I do agree that moderation is important, too.

If you need to lose weight, I recommend cutting your carb intake a little until you drop a few pounds.

Just do so sensibly. There is absolutely no need to avoid all carbs like the plague.

4. Calorie Counting Queen

I’ve met so many people who are absolute genius’ at weight loss math.

They could tell you the exact number of pounds they need to lose to get to their goal weight by a given date, or how many calories each and every morsel in their fridge contains right now.

I have to confess this isn’t a strong point of mine.

I just don’t care how many calories my apple contains. It’s good for me and it tastes great, who cares about the rest?

So, stop giving yourself a hard time.

If you put even a quarter as much mental energy into something else, imagine what you could have achieved by now.

5. Using “Health” As a Excuse

I find that health is a word which is often misused.

It seems everyone is “trying to get healthy” these days.

However, what they actually mean, is that they are trying to be as thin as they were in their twenties.

Remember, good health encompasses so much more than just the number on your weighing scales.

Try taking a more holistic view when you endeavor to get healthy.

6. Having No Willpower

I have met some amazing women who have raised children, held down a career, went back to school, worked as committed volunteers, maintained wonderful relationships with those around them, etc.

And yet, they will lament their absolute lack of willpower at sticking to a given diet.

Let me tell you ladies, there is no such thing as willpower. It is a complete myth.

It’s time you realized that.

Stop beating yourself up.

And, start believing in how amazing you are, and just what you can achieve, when you put your mind to it.

Share your rant with us below, what really annoys you?

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NEW VISITOR BONUS: Download a Free Guide
How To Lose Weight Fast in 3 Simple Steps (Based on Science).

Great! Where should I send the guide?
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Follow these steps to lose 10 pounds in a week

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Comments 11

  1. Tom Parker

    Hey Mel – Number 2 really annoys me. As soon as people find out you run a health based website, go to the gym regularly or are trying to keep fit they always want to knock you down. Funny thing is they’ll always mention the 1 piece of cake but never mention the countless salads they see you eating.

    1. Melanie

      lol Tom. You are so right. They would be equally negative, though, if you only ate “healthy” food in their presence. Kind of like you’re some kind of abnormality. You just cannot please everyone, so don’t try!!

  2. Shirley

    Hi, Melanie! You must feel a LOT better after letting off all that steam!!!! Numbers 1, 2 and 4 really made me grin!:D BTW, if there’s no such thing as willpower, what’s the alternative? …’Cause I better get some of it quick! 😀

    1. Melanie

      Hi Shirley,
      lol yes much better now!!! 🙂

      I think when you rely on your “willpower” you often get the opposite results. I suppose it can work to motivate you, but only up to a point. That’s the point where you run out of willpower. If you think of it like energy or strength, it’s a finite resource, so it runs out eventually.

      Think about it this way. When you motivate yourself to do something that you don’t, emotionally or physically, want to do, there are measurable changes in your body and brain. Basically, it’s an effort, just like running round the block is an effort. So, just as you can’t run round the block forever, so you can’t keep making yourself do things that you feel negative about doing, however important they are to your long-term goals.

      The alternative?

      One alternative would be to find ways to achieve your goals that you actually enjoy. Another is to set new goals, if your current goals aren’t working. Another alternative is to reduce other drains on your “willpower” so that you will have more energy to devote to your most important goal.

      Ultimately, you need to find enjoyment and worth in the process of working towards your goal. That way you won’t have to exert willpower all of the time, it will come naturally.

      Perhaps a post on this would be helpful 🙂

  3. Cathy in NZ

    How opportune this message is…just today I got a letter from the Practice Nurse at the new medical centre I have enrolled in. Apparently my cholsterol levels are increased!

    OK, I’m happy with that but what I’m NOT happy with was the 3 page missive that accompanied it and what I need to do!

    I called them and apparently it’s computer-generated, why then would you send it. Wouldn’t it be feasible to phone the client and say “we would like to give you some tips, “or” come in and see us about how we can work together”

    Sadly, I wasn’t happy with it – it assumed I did a lot of things – which I don’t, plus it suggested what I should be doing…

    6 points related to food…only one of them slightly applies to my current diet! All the rest I do…

    Then a group of lifestyle changes, not numbered – none of which apply…

    All based on a computer-generated list that surely she must be doing because her levels are raised! So what suggestions did the practice nurse make “see your doctor” (me: shrugs)

    [I changed doctors to get a new overview of my health…I wasn’t quite expecting this to happen. Although, the Asthma test did show I wasn’t on correct dosage of puffer so I’m trialling a higher dose for a month, when I will return to doctor…so this cholestrol level thing can wait until then – actually only 3weeks away now!]

    1. Melanie

      That is annoying, Cathy. Seems very impersonal and obviously many of the points are not even suited to you. I suppose they are trying to cut down on their own work schedules, but I imagine a lot of patients will either be annoyed with this, or ignore the advice, perhaps both.

  4. Ruth

    My rant is with those who can never encourage someone when they are trying to lose extra weight! Especially if it is done a way different to how they are trying to do it, so they try to make you feel that what you are doing is extreme, unnecessary, difficult, or that they know better than you how to excercise (as if they were experts).

    Anyone who is trying to change their eating habits for the better should be encouraged, unless it is damaging their health, regardless of what plan they follow.

    Basically, don’t give your opinion on something until you are asked for it unless you can say something positive! 🙂

    1. Melanie

      That’s so true, Ruth. If it’s working for you, and you feel good, then why change to please others? Really, I don’t understand why people feel they have to comment on what others are doing so much. As you say, wait to be asked for your opinion!! 🙂

  5. Cathy in NZ


    you bring up an interesting point. What I find difficult to deal with is something akin to this. But from the point of view I would love to be able to inspire more people to consider getting into weight loss, eating better and so on…but it’s not an easy road to go down.

    even if people, colleagues, friends are on some program they never quite get it that “my programme” is just as good…some say “i’m starting next week OR I started going swimming/walking/other”

    THEN I see them a few months later, there seems to be no change in shape and they start with “i’m starting next…” repeating a cycle.

    Sometimes they have been advised by the doctor but something is definitely not getting through…because they might say to me “how do you do it? you are really getting very slim”

    No ONE way works for everyone – although I did have some guidelines back in 2004 which has helped alot. Mostly now I follow my heart and work within what I know I need achieve. That is a programme that you cannot buy!

  6. Aleisha

    Definitely agree. Especially because it’s never cookies or cakes I’m eating, it’s something as minor as a SMALL piece of red meat.
    “But you said red meat is unhealthy! I guess you’re back to your old ways!”

    1. Melanie

      That is so irritating, Aleisha. Anyway, what is wrong with red meat?? Absolutely nothing in my book!! They should get educated before commenting!! 🙂

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