what is quinoa

What Is Quinoa?

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With so much talk about avoiding carbohydrates these days, it would be easy to overlook quinoa. But thankfully you’re not overlooking it, because you’re asking “What is quinoa” and that’s a good question to ask.

First of all, if you’re wondering about pronunciation it’s pronounced “KEEN-wah“.

Next, if you’re looking for a highly nutritious carbohydrate, that’s not only going to help you stay lean, but will also maximize your energy levels, then you’re looking in the right place… quinoa really does have it all! 🙂

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What is quinoa and what does it taste like?

The taste and texture of quinoa is a bit like brown rice crossed with oatmeal. It’s fluffy, creamy, crunchy and somewhat nutty, all rolled into one.

The great thing is, it can be prepared in so many different ways, making it extremely versatile.

Quinoa is commonly thought of as a grain, probably because of how we use it.

But it’s actually a relative of leafy green vegetables, like spinach and Swiss chard.

What is quinoa and is it good for you?

A cup of quinoa will give you around 127 calories, 2 grams of fat, 23.4 grams of carbohydrates (2 of those being fibre), and 4.5 grams of protein.

In fact, it has a pretty similar nutritional profile to that of brown rice, except it’s slightly higher in overall protein content.

So, qunioa is a really great option if you’re trying to maintain an active lifestyle.

4 Health Benefits Of Quinoa

1. Complete source of protein

Unlike most grains, which contain an incomplete source of protein (you need to pair them with another food to make the meal complete), quinoa provides the full spectrum of nine essential amino acids.

So, it’s a really great choice, particularly if you’re a vegetarian or vegan.

2. Great for cardiovascular health

Quinoa is especially high in is magnesium, which is important for maintaining good cardiovascular health.

Magnesium helps to relax the blood vessels, reducing the rates of hypertension, heart disease, or heart arrhythmias.

3. Provides antioxidant support

Regular intake of antioxidants is so important for warding off the damaging effects of free radicals, which we encounter on a daily basis.

Quinoa does a wonderful job of boosting your antioxidant levels — being high in both manganese and copper, which help to promote a healthy immune system, and ensure that red blood cells remain in top condition.

4. Reduces the risk of gallstones

Since quinoa is high in fibre, it helps keep the digestive system running smoothly, and can also help reduce your chance of getting gallstones.

A study, published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology, found that those eating foods mostly rich in insoluble fibre, had a 17% lower risk of getting gallstones.

So, if you love your carbs, but would really like to find a healthier option to plain old white pasta or rice, quinoa is a great substitute for those higher-carb foods.

So, now that you know the benefits of quinoa — you’ve dashed down to the shops to buy some — what do you do with it? 🙂

How To Cook Quinoa

flickr: smohundro

  • Wash the seeds in cold, running water to remove any residue.
  • To cook, add one part quinoa to a saucepan, with two parts liquid.
  • Bring to the boil, then reduce the heat and simmer covered.
  • One cup of quinoa normally takes 15 minutes to prepare.
  • You’ll know it’s ready when the grains become translucent, and the white germ has partially detached itself.

Here are some tips for using quinoa

#1 Eat as breakfast porridge — just add nuts and fruit when cooked.

#2 Add quinoa to your favourite soups, stir-fry or casseroles.

#3 Combine cooked, chilled quinoa with chickpeas, roasted red pepper, scallions and coriander.

#4 Use sprouted quinoa in salads and sandwiches — similar to alfalfa sprouts.

#5 Ground quinoa flour can be added to cookie or muffin recipes.

#6 If you’re after a wheat-free option, make a tabouli salad using quinoa (rather than bulgar wheat).

Quinoa Recipe

This recipe for Quinoa Kitchari sounds delicious. “Kichari” in Indian basically translates as mixture, usually referring to a mixture of two grains, although this recipe includes quinoa and lentils.

Do you eat quinoa? What are your tips for adding it to a healthy diet?

Note: I’ve got a bunch of articles dealing with foods and nutrients that aren’t well understood. Check out What are Legumes and What is Chicory as a couple of examples.

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Comments 99

    1. Melanie

      Yes, it’s so expensive here in the UK too. At least you only need a little each time, however I also wish it was less expensive.

    1. Melanie

      Yes, you should!! 🙂 When I get back from holidays I’m going to experiment with a few different recipes. Perhaps I’ll post them here if they’re any good.

  1. Andrew

    I love Quinoa, too! 🙂

    It’s definitely important to rinse it before cooking — not only does it remove any extra residue (as you point out), but it also keeps it from being bitter once cooked.

    1. Melanie

      Hi Andrew,
      Yes, you’re right. The bitter taste would definitely put people off if they hadn’t tried quinoa before.

      1. bethany

        I love quinoa & is essential as I am gluten free. However I HATE trying to wash it, I always do but find I loose 25% down the drain! any tips on washing quinoa? what am I doing wrong??
        thanks & I love the posts!

  2. Cara

    I haven’t tried this yet but I have been hearing all the rage about it! But one thing I have been searching for is something that is rich in antioxidants to keep me healthy and keep a healthy glow of my skin. So many antioxidant rich foods are unbearable to eat, but I will have to check this one out!

    1. Jessica

      I made it for my 8 year old and she and I loved it. We rinsed 1c Quinoa added to pan and put 2 cups reduced chicken broth for 15min simmer(In one pan). In another we sauted 1c each of chopped: orange peppers, red peppers, asparagus, zucchini. 3tbsp olive oil, 2tsp garlic, 1tsp lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste. I cooked till tender. When both were done add 1/4 cup feta cheese and mix all togeather. Top with parsley. I put little chunks of cooked seasoned chicken for a complete meal. Was super good. With all that it is a good source of fiber and protien.

  3. MS

    Just had a very delicious salad with lots of quionoa:
    red onion
    curried chicken
    finally chopped mango
    orange citrus dressing
    and of course, LOTS of yummy sprouted quinoa

    Try it, it’s delicious and the crunchy texture of the quinoa is FUN!

    1. Glenna Goodwin

      Hi, just Quinoa for the first time and thought it was very good, my husband thought it was too dry. I cooked it and added sauteed red pepper, onion, celery & carrots, mixed that together with salt to taste, then threw in some sliced almonds and a dash of oregano. Excellent meatless meal. Think I’ll try serving it for breakfast with honey and milk, could also add fruit. My husband would probably like it better that way. But I think I could like it any way.

      1. Melanie

        Hi Glenna,
        I’m so glad, sounds really delicious! I love how versatile quinoa is.. good work! I hope you can get your hubby converted over, too!!! 🙂

    1. Melanie

      Hi shalisha,
      That’s definitely a good idea. Quinoa is a slow-releasing carbohydrate, so an excellent choice to help avoid bingeing. It also tastes very similar to rice, so it should be a good substitute for you. Have you tried it yet? I’d love to hear how you get on.

  4. Alan

    I have tried quinoa and I really like it.

    I use it as a side dish instead of rice and also when I make meatloaf I use it instead of breadcrumbs.

    There are many really good recipes utilizing quinoa in many was.

    It is a good and healthy alternative to rice, potatoes or any wheat based dish.

  5. Ian

    I almost refused to try quinoa because I got a bit grumpy about it’s pretentious sounding pronounciation – what’s wrong with saying kwin-noah? I was the same with acai – I called it the Scottish berry, ‘cos I insisted that it be pronounced ack-eye.
    But, I’m glad I did try it.
    I cheat by using a rice cooker.
    Favourite so far, is cook with an onion and a stock cube and add some coriander and lemon juice near the end of the cooking time.
    I added some quinoa to chickpea and chorizo soup the other day and it realy was one of the best meals that I have ever tasted.
    Washing it is a pain as, unlike rice, some of the stuff floats – you can get away with partial drainage and not lose too much down the sink, or just clutter up your draining board with a slow drying sieve.

    Melanie – this is a great website – thankyou!

  6. Vivian

    I am disappointed in my first taste of quinoa. It smells (uncooked) like a new country straw hat smells and tastes like that, as well and I was so diappointed. It said, on the box, that it was prewashed, so I didn’t rinse it. I will rinse it anyway, if I try it again. I was going to cook it in chicken broth, but forgot and used water instead. I was hoping it was going to taste nutty, not musty like it did.

    1. Melanie

      Yes, I have to admit, I do know what you mean. Personally, I feel it is something that needs to have “things” added to it. I would be interested in hearing from you if you do try it again with the chicken broth 🙂

      1. d gilmour

        I’ve started using quinoa instead of cereal. For a quick snack, I mix a little olive oil, with dashes of balsamic and rice vinegars. Add chopped lettuces, and tuna. May sound odd, but with or without the tuna, I find this delicious and satisfying.


  7. Glenna Goodwin

    I love quinoa, buy the boxed kind in the grocery, doesn’t need rinsing, use it often but just about a fourth cup at a time, put it in soups mainly.

  8. Tina

    if you buy quinoa that is already pre-washed, i believe it’s better to still soak it for a few minutes and then continue to rinse well in running water.
    although it is impossible to totally remove the bitter taste in quinoa, i use other tasty ingredients with it like tomatoes and green leafy veggies so there’s a lot of flavors your taste buds can enjoy. : )
    .-= Tina´s last blog ..Buy Quinoa =-.

    1. Vivian

      Hi Tina,

      I’ll try this next time I prepare quinoa. I didn’t the first time and it tasted like straw hats smell, like dried grass. Not good. I’ll also cook it with chicken broth, not plain water. The tomatoes sound good.

      What kind of leafy green vegetables would be good?

      Thanks so much,


  9. Tina

    Hello Vivian,
    Try the following recipe:
    cook 1 1/2 c quinoa in 2 3/4 c stock and 1/4 c of lemon juice for about 15 mins. while that’s cooking, prepare dressing. blend 1/4 c lemon juice, a bit of lemon zest, 3/4 c basil leaves, 1/4 c parsley leaves and a bit of thyme leaves. slowly drizzle 1 c of olive oil while blending the dressing mixture. once emulsified, you can pour the dressing over cooked quinoa, mix well and voila! quinoa has never tasted better. i hope you’ll get to enjoy it too! happy healthy eating. : )
    .-= Tina´s last blog ..Buy Quinoa =-.

    1. Melanie

      Just saw your recipe. Thank you, I will also give this a go – did you mean 1 cup of olive oil? That seems a lot…

  10. CL9

    I recently tried Quinoa for the first time. OMG, it’s freaking delicious. I normally cook it in Vegetable Broth so to give it a little more taste. Today I added cut up grape tomatoes, chopped cilantro, chopped black olives and feta and drizzled in some canola oil. Added powdered onion and garlic to taste. It was phenomenal!

  11. Christa

    I had the same issue as Vivian, with the musty smell and taste. I served a very flavorful veggie soup made with chicken stock over the quinoa and could still taste the mustiness.

    You said that rinsing and soaking will help a bitter taste – but I don’t think that’s what’s bothering me. I can only describe it as musty. Could it be that the grains I have have gone bad?

  12. Michelle

    Since my mother was raised in Peru, my Mommy makes me quinoa all the time! And it is really cheap for us. My mom gets quinoa really cheap in latin markets since most food is really cheap there, though; try finding one locally! But since quinoa is an export, grocery stores they probably inflated the price on it. We get it for 425 grams (15 ounces) for $4.

    My mom has a traditional recipe i want to share with you all. I, myself, enjoy it immensely!

    1.) first, you cook the grain like you would rice in a pot of 2 cups of water on medium for lowering the temperature to low when it reaches a boil for 20 to 30 minutes.
    2.) Then, you mince onions separately into extremely thin bits (or chop into big pieces if you like onions).
    3.) Cook your onions in olive oil on medium and add 2 teaspoons of panca pepper paste* (if you like spice, though, add 2 tablespoons instead) in the pot (not frying pan) along with the onions. Mix all your ingredients so far really well.
    4.)Pour in evaporate milk to your onion and panca pepper paste mixture.
    5.)Pour in your quinoa into the milk mixture and mix until creamy. While it is still hot, add in shredded mozzarella cheese.
    6.) after the cheese has mostly melted, serve it on a plate and voila.

    *panca pepper paste is a Peruvian pepper that adds a sweet but slightly spicy zest of flavor. It is really great enhancement to dishes because of it’s sharp intensity. (and it’s great if you can’t handle spicey food which I can’t!)

    I have been eating quinoa ever since I was a little girl as was my mom and I never thought it had such great nutritional value! Thanks for the information and hope you enjoy the recipe. 🙂

    xoxo Michelle

    1. Melanie

      Hi Michelle,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to share your recipe. I would like to give this a go. I imagine this would be good with lots of different vegetables added to it as well, like mushrooms, and courgettes. Thanks again for sharing.

  13. Maggie

    I just made a quinoa tabouli salad for a potluck and got rave reviews! I cooked the quinoa and let it cool, then added diced cucumber, tomatoes, green onions, and a little olive oil and salt and pepper. It was delicious! Topped some of it with a little zatar, which was also great. My vegan friends loved it too!

  14. Jackie-O

    I just bought some quinoa today! Thinking about having it with some spinach and salsa and corn in a whole wheat wrap tomorrow for lunch : ).Or…maybe having it for breakfast. I am contemplating that delicious spinach smoothie with protein powder though. hmmmm 🙂

  15. Arlene

    I just bought some Quinoa today and made a salad. I did rinse it and left it cool slightly. Added cherry tomatoes, chopped celery, shallots, cucumber diced, sun-dried tomatoes, sliced almonds, Fat free feta, and some mandarin oranges. Also cut up some fresh basil, parsley, and mint. I mixed up a dressing with Lemon white balsamic, fresh lemon juice with some grated lemon rind, some plain olive oil with a dash of blood orange olive oil. Added about 1 tsp of Penzey’s French Vinegatte spice.

    Really enjoyed it. Planning to take it to work for lunch. I have quite a bit of the plain quinoa left over, so I am sure I will find something to do with that. Enjoy Everyone.

    1. Melanie

      Hi Arlene,
      That sounds wonderful, you have inspired me to get some Quinoa again, it’s been a while since I had some.

  16. LaGal

    Actually I was searching what Quinoa is because I just bought Trader Joe’s Organic Whole Grain Drink, it has Quinoa as one of the ingredient. Seems like Quinoa is really beneficial. 🙂

  17. Christian Leonard

    I just finished having my first helping of Quinoa (in the form of Yucatan Style Quinoa Salad) from a place in Asheville, NC called GreenLife. I loved it.

    Thanks for the article. It always seems to make food taste better when you know how good it is for you. 8)

    1. Melanie

      lol Christian. I wish everyone thought like you. Some are of the opinion it tastes worse if it is “healthy.”

  18. Pam

    We’ve been eating quinoa in my home for years for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Last week I added chopped onion, garlic, red pepper, scallions, sliced mushrooms, & chopped yellow squash to boiling low-fat chicken broth – then added quinoa. Covered and cooked about 15 minutes, then added chopped cilantro, lime juice, shrimp and scallops – covered and cooked for 8-10 minutes longer…..delicious!!! I love using fresh ginger & Asian chili sauce with it, too!

  19. Shawn

    Just tried Quinoa for the first time this past weekend. Fabulous it was. If I can find a place to buy it at a more reasonalbe price then I can see it becoming a part of my regular diet. I used a recipe I got from work. Sauteed some yellow onion and fresh garlic in a small amount of Canola oil. Added water and Quinoa, cooked til done. Chill. Add chopped tomatoes, carrots, yellow pepper, cucumber, red onion (I omit as I don’t care for raw onion) frozen corn (thawed), fresh mint, fresh cilantro, black pepper. Dress with a small amount of olive oil and balsamic vinegar and voila, it was awesome!! Question for you Melanie. Does Quinoa have enough protein in it to replace the protein you would normally eat for dinner, per serving?

  20. Netnie

    Just had my first try with Quinoa. I’m from Louisiana, so I did a play on shrimp and grits. I cooked a cup of Quinoa in chicken broth with a dash of hot sauce, red pepper flakes, cayenne pepper, salt, black pepper and chipotle pepper. I then sauteed onion, green bell pepper, mushrooms, and garlic in a little bit of olive oil, salt and pepper. Once the vegetables were softened, I added them to the Quinoa with a little bit of milk, salmon (from the Chicken of the Sea pouch) and just a dash of low fat cheese (I couldn’t resist) . It turned out delicious! What a great alternative to a normally high fat, high carb meal!

  21. Lizzy Stewart

    Hi Melanie.

    I am 10 days into the ‘Dukan Diet’ and recommended to take Oat bran. I have just heard of Quinoa and have read all your recent comments, can I take it as part of the diet or possible instead of oatbran.

    1. Melanie

      Hi Lizzy,
      I can’t say for sure as I’m not an expert on the Dukan Diet. If you compare them quinoa has more calories, but also more protein than oat bran, so it should be very satisfying. I can’t see any problem with adding it to your diet regularly. Is there a Dukan Diet forum where you could ask for help on this?

  22. Tracy

    I love quinoa. I cook it with taco seasoning add tomato, onion, black beans, cilantro and avacado. A very healthy taco salad.

  23. Phyllis

    I have been eating quinoa for breakfast with cut up fruits like bluberries, banana, strawberries,and peaches since I heard about it.
    next, I will be eating it with sauteed veggies.
    Recently I found a quinoa bread, and quinoa flour to use in baking ,and red quinoa .
    I cook a whole cup of white and red quinoa mixed together
    with 2 cups of water following directions on the box.
    This gives me enough quinoa for many days or a week, depending how much you use

    love sharing all your ideas.

  24. Katy

    I made a butternut squash and quinoa “pie” tonight for dinner! Delish!! It could have been healthier by not adding parmesan cheese but I could not resist. The basics of the recipe are as follows: Roast approx 1 1/2 lbs butternut squash. Once finished cut into cubes. While roasting saute 1 large onion, 2-4 cloves garlic, fresh sage and fresh thyme 3-5 minutes add 1 cup quinoa 2 cups water and a veggie broth cube. Cook 15-20 minutes until broth is evaporated. Mix quinoa mixture with 1/2c parm. cheese and cubed butternut squash mix thoroughly leaving squash somewhat chunky. In glass pie pan or 8 x 8, grease pan slightly and lay fresh sage down, fill pan with quinoa and squash mixture, bake for 20 minutes let cool for 5. Flip the pan over onto a plate and slice.. Yum Yum Yum! Would be great even without the cheese.

  25. Ghadeer Musharbash

    I tried it today for the first time. It is easy to cook. It does have a pleasant taste. It tastes like cuscus. bulgor, or cracked wheat. I think i can use it as a substitute for rice and can eat with a lot of Arabic Middle Eastern foods.

  26. Caz

    Hi, I just bought quinoa for the first time as trying to loose weight. I have seen two different types, one that looks like balls, then there is one that looks like ‘oats’. I got the balls one. I cant wait to try some of your recipes here. Very excited…I must admit Im not a huge fan of brown rice. So will be interesting, hope hubby and I like it.

  27. Ray

    I have been happily hoarding and eating quinoa, thinking it was the perfect food, the manna from heaven, when to my dismay I found out it has high oxalates content. See for instance:
    Now I am at a loss. Is the high fibre content sufficient to offset the effects of its oxalates payload? Perhaps the best policy would be to cycle it on and off, but I would like to listen to the insight of others who have long experience with quinoa.

    1. Melanie

      Hi Ray,
      You will see from that article you linked to on WH Foods, that lots of healthy foods contain oxalates, notably some fruits and vegetables. However, unless you have a condition such as absorptive hypercalciuria type II, enteric hyperoxaluria, and primary hyperoxaluria, for the vast majority of people oxalate-containing foods are not a health concern. You only need to be concerned about this if your doctor has put you on an oxalate-restricted diet.

  28. Brenda

    I just received some Organic Quinoa I ordered from NUTSonline, and realized, dah, what is this stuff? It sounded healthy when I saw it on the site. So I
    Googled, what is it, and this site was made available. Wow, thanks
    for all the great info from everyone, of course you all were talking about it before I arrived. Now I’m going to try it! Love being Healthy!

    1. Melanie

      Hi Gale,
      I recommend refrigerating leftover quinoa, or any other grains, in a tightly sealed storage container soon after cooking, and only storing for up to 2 days in this way. If you want to store for longer, freezing is best.

  29. Paul D

    Try this, brew ordinary tea and make it REAL strong way stronger than if you’d be drinking it to enjoy it.

    Then mix together 2 cups of Quinoa (1 cup of White & 1 cup of Red Quinoa). BTW, Red Quinoa is so much tastier but real nice when mixed together for extra texture and color.

    Cook the Quinoa in 4 cups of the strong tea broth which in turn will really enhance the anti-oxidant properties but here’s the catch, it does not taste bitter at all!

    You then prepare anything you want with this GREAT SUPERFOOD…..Enjoy 😀

    1. Paul D

      ….Melanie, Quinoa made in a strong tea “broth” does not at all have the taste of tea.

      Now try this incredible dinner meal….

      For super health, buy a jar of “CERTIFIED ORGANIC VIRGIN COCONUT OIL”. (Pure cold pressed organic coconut oil can ONLY be bought in a Health Food store like Whole Foods or such).

      Prepare this entree using a wok or skillet by heating a tablespoon of this Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil:

      – Sautee two cloves of crushed garlic with fresh prawns adding a tiny splash of Sarachi for some heat(optional).

      1. Crush a “raw” garlic clove….yes RAW….for super antioxidant properties!

      2. Toss this raw garlic in a serving of hot Quinoa with a tablespoon of the same Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and finish to taste with soy sauce…incredible flavors!

      3. Steam broccoli and finish off with freshly squeezed lemon juice (no butter!)

      Serve a bed of flavored Coconut Garlic Quinoa topped with saucy Prawns surrounded with Steamed Lemon Broccoli.

      Unbelievably HEALTHY with out of this world flavor…ENJOY!

      Paul 🙂

  30. rebecca

    iv reallly gotten into quina over the last few yrs ,, as a piscatarian its a great source of added complete protein in my meals ,, I like to hav it either tabulli style w avacadoe , tomatoe , purple onion splash of olive oil , lemon jiuce and sum cilantro or parsley : ) delicious ,, also i like to hav it hot w a lil olive oil and braggs soy sauce : )

  31. Kevin V

    I’m just really not a fan of oatmeal, so several mornings a week I alternate breakfast with a mix of quinoa:

    1 cup quinoa
    1 full banana sliced up
    1 handful of almonds or some other nut
    1/2 cup almond milk
    sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg

    I sometimes change up the fruit and nuts that go into it. Its so yummy, healthy, energizing, and keeps me full till lunch!!

  32. Valerie

    Hi Melanie,

    One of the great things about quinoa is that is it so versatile.

    When I have a craving for meixcan food, I lay a bed of quinoa, add beans on top, saute jalapenos & onions layered on top of beans and if I am in the mood, a cut up grilled chicken breast and to top it all off a little grated cheddar cheese. You won’t even miss the taco or tortilla.

    It’s healty, filling and delicious! No need to feel guilty.

  33. S, Vilayet Husain

    When I was shopping in Bulk Barn, I noticed Quinoa Flour, Gulton free
    so I bought some to add to barley flour after mixing, my wife made a bread
    I like it and will continue eating instead of wheat flour. at that time I had
    no idea what is Quinoa.
    after reading the info about it, I am thankfull to the person who wrote and
    explain, what is Quinoa.

  34. superfoods

    Love Quinoa.
    I recently published a Superfoods book at Kindle. My second book is on Quinoa. I personally have replaced rice, potatoes and half of my meat consumption with quinoa. Amazing weight loss and health benefits.

  35. Dee

    Hi , can I eat Quinoa if I have gluten and wheat intolerance? My friend bought me some and it doesn’t say on the packet that it is free from either of these.

    1. Melanie

      Hi Dee, In it’s whole, raw form, quinoa is gluten-free. However, there is certainly a chance that some quinoa products will have been cross contaminated with gluten during processing.

      If you do not have a severe sensitivity to gluten, you may find quinoa does not cause a reaction. However, if you are very sensitive to gluten, quinoa has what’s referred to as ‘seed storage proteins,’ and these are distantly related to the gluten proteins present in wheat.

      Recent research, which looked at 15 different varieties of quinoa, concluded that 2 out of the 15 quinoa cultivars (“Ayacuchana” and “Pansakalla”) stimulated an immune response, which was as potent as that observed for wheat gluten. This suggests that if you have a gluten sensitivity, quinoa may not necessarily be safe to eat.

  36. rene

    My first go at cooking with quinoa was so tasty: salad made of red oak lettuce, grated uncooked beetroot, grated carrot, diced tomatoes, small amount of avocado, roast pumpkin & caulieflower, then topped with quinoa cooked as per absorbtion method and then a couple of tblspns of curry paste mixed through the quinoa and placed on top of salad with crumbled fetta … yummo!!

  37. Gwen

    I tried Quinoa for the first time today, I was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I used to love cream of wheat porridge for my breakfast and will miss it, but things have to change.
    Today I made sort of a porridge with quinoa and blueberries and some maple syrup.. it is different, but do-able. I never thought I would ever eat such a thing, but it’s not too bad.
    I rinsed mine using a very fine sieve and it worked very well, cooking is slow but I cooked up enough that I can have a couple or three days breakfast in the fridge and just re-heat a bit before I eat… and I’ll learn as I go and I’m looking forward to a healthier new me!

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